Canyon Men's Hooded MTB Jersey

₩ 91,000
Excellent moisture management, fast drying, a drop tail for coverage, a goggle wipe to keep eyewear clean and a practical hood. This lightweight MTB jersey is ready for enduro.
  • Canyon Men's Hooded MTB Jersey
    색상: Night Sky
  • 색상: Thyme
  • 색상: Tillandsia Purple
  • 색상: Creole Pink
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₩ 91,000
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Canyon Men's Hooded MTB Jersey


A pocket for keys, card or cash
Canyon Men's Hooded MTB Jersey

Soft cuffs

For a soft feel next to the skin
Canyon Men's Hooded MTB Jersey

Soft neck

The soft finish adds extra wearing comfort
Canyon Men's Hooded MTB Jersey

Comfortable fit with hood

Lightweight and fast-drying, this jersey will keep you comfortable throughout your ride. The pracitcal hood will provide warmth and protection.

Canyon performance fabric system

No matter what the outside conditions; hot, cold, windy or wet; combined with the effort, distance and terrain, the key to personal comfort is managing your body’s heat and moisture. By managing moisture, we can protect and maintain body comfort establishing an equilibrium or perfect balance for the ultimate in riding comfort.

Canyon PUSH System

  • Riding hard or in hot conditions makes our body heat, causing us to sweat.
  • This leads to an increased core body temperature, dehydration and discomfort.
  • Our technical fabrics, which transfer moisture away from the skin, stop us overheating or getting cold.
  • By effectively controlling the body’s microclimate, we create a perfect equilibrium.
  • Stable conditions for every ride and every rider.

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  • 92% Polyester 8% Elastane


  • 1 x Canyon Men's Hooded MTB Jersey


  • Canyon


  • 206 g


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