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Go out and ride 

yellowstone AL 29

When you want to get out and explore what’s beyond your doorstep, the Yellowstone is the perfect bike to take along for a ride into the great outdoors. This the ideal introduction into the world of mountain biking and guarantees absolute reliability and performance for outstanding value. The lightweight and robust aluminium frame has a balanced hardtail geometry with a comfortable, central riding position to ensure the stability you need for tackling climbs and descents with ease.

Big 29” wheels transform the ride by providing more grip, smooth rolling performance to master rough terrain, as well as extra comfort. Handling is agile on tight and twisting trails, while remaining easy to control when at the limit. With hydraulic disc brakes, lightweight rims and lockout forks featured across the range, the Yellowstone AL 29 has everything you need whether going for a short evening spin or heading for a long day in the saddle at the weekend. Go out and ride.

modely 2015 – dostupné nyní!

Yellowstone AL 29 4.9 699 €

Yellowstone AL 29 3.9 599 €

modely 2014 – Objednejte jeden z posledních modelů 2014!

Yellowstone AL 4.9 699 €

Yellowstone AL 3.9 599 €

Vyvážená 29-ti palcová geometrie

Vyměnitelná patka přehazovačky

Pro případ, že dojde k pádu, aby nebyla poškozena přehazovačka nebo rám, může být jednoduše vyměněna patka přehazovačky.