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The Strive AL combines XC racer climbing nimbleness with the ability to rip descents like a big-hitting DH rig. How? Shapeshifter. This groundbreaking technology is found at the core of a tough and lightweight aluminium frame to create the perfect bike for the demands of modern enduro riding. The whole system is simple to operate on-the-fly via the handlebar-mounted remote and provides two distinctly different settings for geometry, suspension kinematics and travel – all without having to use a proprietary rear shock.

As a result, the bike’s setup becomes stiffer and steeper in XC mode for climbing efficiency, yet goes slacker and plusher in DH mode to master rough descents. You get to choose what type of bike you want to suit your riding thanks to our two geometry options. The longer front center on Race Geometry ensures super stability at speed, while the more compact Regular Geometry guarantees maximum agility on the trails – it’s your call. What’s guaranteed is that the Strive AL will give the terrain you ride another dimension. Shape Your Ride!


Strive AL 7.0 3.299 €

Strive AL 7.0 Race 3.099 €

Strive AL 6.0 Race 2.699 €

Strive AL 6.0 2.499 €

shapeshifter technology

Shapeshifter means you've always got the perfect setup to take on the trail. A revolution in frame design, this ground-breaking technology gives you two bikes in one.

regular geometry

race geometry

To cover all the demands of Enduro riding with one geometry is impossible. That's why we developed the Race Geometry together with Fabien Barel to complement our Regular Geometry. Super stability at speed or extra agility on the trails. It's your call.


Two modes - XC and DH - for every trail. XC mode gives you more ground clearance and climbing efficiency. DH mode flattens the angles for stability at speed and a better position for taking on steep descents.

Canyon Through Axle

Our 12 mm Through Axle increases rear triangle stiffness and includes a quick release for fast wheel changes.

Internally Routed Cables

For clean lines and protection from the elements, all cables are routed internally through the frame.

Downtube Protector

Made from robust synthetic materials, the Downtube Protector is screwed directly to the frame to provide extra impact protection.

Pure Cycling.