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Jeden kus dostupný ve velikosti XS, barva team, Položka č. AS1006797

This year you can pound your fastest races times into the tarmac with the aluminium model for less than EUR 1500. The design of the Speedmax AL frame is all about reducing air resistance: the wind does not stand a chance against the flat tube profiles, lowered rear triangle, smoothed weld seams and a narrow front. As you would expect, the cables are concealed within the frame. One aerodynamic highlight is the Aero Fork CF with carbon fibre blades, specially developed for the Speedmax AL. The narrow fork legs are the first point of contact with the wind, consistently directing the air flow into the overall system and making an important contribution to the outstanding aerodynamic characteristics. The drop-shaped Aero Post CF can be adjusted within a wide range the seat angle at the post can be adjusted anywhere between 75 and 78 degrees so you are certain to find a perfect, aerodynamic position. Low air resistance, outstanding aerodynamics and optimised equipment you have never experienced an aluminium bike as fast as this in time trials and triathlons.

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Bikes and framesets in the category 2 are unused new bikes that may display minimal colour deviations, scratches or paintwork defects. As a rule not all these conditions are fulfilled (a bike is also categorized as category 2 if, for example, the orange line on the top tube doesn't fulfil Canyon's quality standards but the bike otherwise displays no defects). As with all Factory Outlet-bikes we give the same guarantee as on a current serial bike on all bikes in the category 2. Furthermore, the bikes are all built up by our workshop staff, checked and, if required, readjusted.

NYNÍ JEN: 749,00 €
Pôvodná cena: 899,00 € Ušetrené: 150,00 €
Rám Canyon Speedmax AL
Vidlica Canyon Aero Fork CF
Hlavové složení Tange IS22AE-SCT integrated
Představec Profile Aris
Sedlovka Canyon Aero Post CF
Nářadí Pure Cycling Torque Wrench
Příručka Pure Cycling Handbuch Roadbike
Hmotnost 1,72 kg

Pure Cycling.