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Commuting Bikes

Commute by bike. Save money and arrive ready for your day – fitter happier fresher.

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Commuting Bikes

Sleek design, functional features, and agile handling: the Commuter is a fully-equipped commuting bike that will have you pedalling past the traffic in style.

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  • 30 day ride and return
    Take it for a spin. If you’re not sure and it’s still in a saleable condition (dust on the tyres is OK) send it back for free.
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  • The right size, guaranteed
    We’ll try our best to get the perfect size for you, but if you’re not sure send it back within 30 days for free.
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  • Delivered 80% assembled
    You’ll get all the tools, all the instructions and in less than an hour you’ll be able to throw your leg over your brand new bike.
  • Always outstanding value
    Because we only sell direct to you, our world class bikes and gear are always a great price.
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  • 5 items
  • Commuter 9 LTD
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Grey
    Shimano Alfine S700 11s, Gates CDN Belt
    4,449 NZ$
    or from 741.50 NZ$/Mo.
  • Commuter 7 WMN
    • -11%
    • Color: Champagne
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: English Coral
    Gates CDN Belt, Shimano Alfine S700 11s
    2,889 NZ$
    3,249 NZ$
    You save 360 NZ$
    or from 481.50 NZ$/Mo.
  • Commuter 6
    • -10%
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Eco Blue
    Shimano Nexus, 8s, Gates CDN Belt
    2,429 NZ$
    2,699 NZ$
    You save 270 NZ$
    or from 404.83 NZ$/Mo.
  • Commuter 6 WMN
    • -13%
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Minted Green
    Shimano Nexus, 8s, Gates CDN Belt
    2,339 NZ$
    2,699 NZ$
    You save 360 NZ$
    or from 389.83 NZ$/Mo.
  • Commuter 7
    • -11%
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Ivory
    Gates CDN Belt, Shimano Alfine S700 11s
    2,889 NZ$
    3,249 NZ$
    You save 360 NZ$
    or from 481.50 NZ$/Mo.
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Commuting Bikes


A hybrid bike with road bike speed & flat-bar control.

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