Canyon Sender CFR
Canyon Sender CFR
Canyon Sender CFR
Canyon Sender CFR

Sender CFR

Canyon Sender CFR

Lighter, more controlled, faster

A brand new carbon frame that’s lighter and faster. Improved geometry, a fresh approach to wheel sizing and a suspension tune that delivers an even more controlled, responsive ride.
Canyon Sender CFR

Improved geometry, better handling

Improve handling with a low centre of gravity from the repositioned rear shock. A longer wheelbase creates stability at high speeds while outstanding adjustability makes the Sender CFR even more versatile.
Canyon Sender CFR

29er or Mullet

The Sender CFR is available with two different wheel setups, depending on the frame size and rider preference:

S-M-L: Mullet, 29″ at the front, 27.5″ in the rear
This setup combines great rollover and traction at the front with an agile rear end and more freedom of movement above the rear tire when things get steep.

M-L-XL: 29″ front and back
For maximum traction and rollover capabilities on the roughest tracks. With a slightly longer wheelbase increasing stability- this setup loves to go fast.

Your style, your Sender

You can adapt the Sender CFR to your ride style. The chainstay length is adjustable by 10 mm. Benefit from improved handling in tight turns with the shorter setting or switch to the long setting for maximum stability at high speed.

Adjust your fit

You can also change the reach and wheelbase of the bike by -8/0/+8 mm (FOX) or +8/0 mm (RockShox) at the headset to optimize the bike’s fit if you’re in between frame sizes. Longer wheelbase for greater stability or shorter wheelbase for snappier handling: It’s up to you.

Canyon Sender CFR

Two bikes, one mission: racing

Our all-out, top level Sender CFR is kitted out with the finest components proven by our CLLCTV downhill world cup riders.

Up and coming racers out for maximum thrills for minimal bills should take a look at the Sender CFR Underdog. Featuring a no frills, race-ready spec with performance where you need it most.
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