The Stitched takes the style dial and turns it up to the max. When sessioning the local jumps, scoping out new street spots or chilling at the pump track you want a dirt bike with knockout looks to match the moves you’re throwing down, together with a bombproof construction. With tube shapes designed to withstand the biggest impacts the Stitched keeps on giving when nailing new tricks. Flattened steering angles provide the ideal balance between agility and stability when hitting jumps at speed, giving you the confidence to go bigger each time. No hesitation. Just send it!


Flips, whips, combos and transfers are what it’s all about. Since 2013 Thomas Genon, Anton Thelander and Peter Henke have been sending it on the Stitched at the biggest slopestyle contests. Never afraid to lay it all on the line, these riders regularly land on the podium. French talent, Tomas Lemoine, joins the CFFT crew to hit up the FMB World Tour in 2015.