Canyon Aero Cycling Socks

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When speed matters and every last second counts the Canyon Signature Pro Aero Socks have you covered.
  • Canyon Aero Cycling Socks
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249 SEK
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Canyon performance fabric system

No matter what the outside conditions; hot, cold, windy or wet; combined with the effort, distance and terrain, the key to personal comfort is managing your body’s heat and moisture. By managing moisture, we can protect and maintain body comfort establishing an equilibrium or perfect balance for the ultimate in riding comfort.

Canyon PUSH System

  • Riding hard or in hot conditions makes our body heat, causing us to sweat.
  • This leads to an increased core body temperature, dehydration and discomfort.
  • Our technical fabrics, which transfer moisture away from the skin, stop us overheating or getting cold.
  • By effectively controlling the body’s microclimate, we create a perfect equilibrium.
  • Stable conditions for every ride and every rider.


Designed to accompany our aero suit and aero gloves, these socks blend comfort with aerodynamic efficiency, utilising an aero-optimised ribbed shaft with an inner silicone cuff for a stable fit. A soft polyamide and elastic construction along with a seamless toe finish and anatomically shaped foot and heel area keep you comfortable all day long.



  • Aero-optimised ribbed shaft
  • Inner silicone cuff for stable fit
  • Seamless toe finish and anatomically shaped foot
  • Canyon Berg patch


  • Sock height: 36-39 = 18 cm / 40-42 = 19 cm / 43-45 = 20 cm / 46-48 = 22 cm


  • 1 x Canyon Signature Pro Aero Socks


  • Canyon


  • 31 g



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