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Ultimate AL SLX

Built for the full-blooded racer

Cycling Plus



Test Winner - Outstanding

Top rigidity values, outstanding suspension and excellent comfort - the Ultimate Al is without doubt one of the best aluminium frames in the world. In the new model year the new Ultimate AL SLX has an even lighter frame. This is made possible by using a more complex aluminium alloy of the 6000er series, with which the wall thickness of the frame has been reduced even further. The result? The total weight has been reduced by 110 grams compared to the Ultimate AL frame whilst retaining the same outstanding rigidity values.

The latest generation of One One Four SLX full carbon fork which will be fitted as standard on the Ultimate AL SLX from 2014 also provide superb comfort. With its conical fork shaft it distributes loads to the frame more efficiently and thus provides enhanced safety. The comfortable, lightweight VCLS saddle post forms a perfect interface between man and machine. Shocks caused by unevenness on the road are palpably damped and therefore reliably counteract muscles from being overstressed.


Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 Di2 € 2,199

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL € 1,899

Ultimate AL SLX Frameset me. € 699

Ultimate AL SLX Frameset el. € 699

Tidy to look at and protected from the effects of the weather and 100% low noise due to their crossed routing – these are the benefits of internal gear cables. And if you need to change a cable, it is very straightforward thanks to an inspection opening on the bottom bracket.

The new One One Four SLX fork is a leap forward in comfort. This race fork with carbon-fibre dropouts has extreme lateral stiffness and VCLS technology to absorb hard knocks and vibrations. This protects your muscles and joints, saving valuable energy for the final sprint.

VCLS stands for vertical comfort lateral stiffness. Slimline seat stays in connection with the Maximus Seattube increase the level of comfort and performance. The VCLS technology helps you perform better for longer and you can gain crucial centimetres in that final sprint.

The stiffness of the bottom bracket depends largely on the bottom bracket housing and chain stays, but the seat tube also plays a major part. The patented Maximus seat tube uses the maximum possible contact area on the bottom bracket housing, providing 100% conversion of the applied force into acceleration.