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Aluminium doesn’t get lighter than this 

Ultimate AL SLX

Cycling Plus



Test Winner - Outstanding

Impressive stiffness and a smooth ride mean our Ultimate AL frames are rightly regarded as among the best aluminium frames currently produced. In SLX form, this frameset succeeds in shaving off a further 110 g compared to standard Ultimate AL models, with no compromises made to overall stiffness. This is achieved by applying high strength 6000 series aluminium, which allows us to further optimise tube thicknesses and reduce overall weight.

The One One Four SLX full carbon fork partners perfectly with the frame for absolute front-end stiffness, while also providing vertical flex thanks to VCLS technology to kill road buzz. Our in-house developed VCLS Post ensures maximum comfort when in the saddle by significantly minimising the intensity of vibrations that reach the rider. Falling into the Sport Pro Geometry category, the Ultimate AL SLX strikes the ideal balance between performance for riding fast and comfort for riding long.

models 2015 – available now!

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 AERO € 2,999

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL € 1,999

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 € 1,699

Ultimate AL SLX Frameset € 799

models 2014 – Secure one of the remaining 2014 models now

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 Di2 € 1,999

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL € 1,699

Ultimate AL SLX Frameset me. € 699

Ultimate AL SLX Frameset el. € 699


The angles at the cable entry and exit points on the downtube and toptube are such that there is no chance of the cables or cable stops becoming kinked, reducing friction in the system. Cables never rub against the surface, eliminating damage to the frame.


The new One One Four SLX fork is a leap forward in comfort. This race fork with carbon-fibre dropouts has extreme lateral stiffness and VCLS technology to absorb hard knocks and vibrations. This protects your muscles and joints, saving valuable energy for the final sprint.


The seatstays are characterised by their slender form with optimised wall thicknesses. The tube dimensions have been specifically designed to improve shock absorption whilst maintaining lateral stiffness.


The latest generation of Maximus Seat Tube has a cut-out emerging from the bottom bracket, which combines with the overall form of the tube to provide flex exactly where it is needed. Its asymmetric design provides increased bottom bracket stiffness, while not compromising at all on comfort.