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V-Drome AL

Track Racing - the steppingstone for young riders

Forget gear shifts and brakes, forget support cars, forget Paris-Roubaix. True heroes ride on the track, with none of the fuss. This must be cycling in its purest form. Track races are the original incarnation of cycling as a sport. Company founder Roman Arnold successfully competed on the track. Our interpretation of track cycling means one bike for all disciplines.

We have fine-tuned the geometry to the requirements of the modern velodrome. We have stayed true to classic features such as the high bottom bracket and the steep head angle. The short head tube and top tube mean you can change the handlebar/stem unit to transform the classic track bike into a high-end time trial bike. Modern features including the aerodynamically optimised frame and the Canyon Aero Fork CF Track to give you the winning edge.


V-Drome AL 9.0 LTD € 1,699

V-Drome AL 9.0 € 1,199


Purposeful design. Anyone who wants to ride several different gear ratios often has to change his rear wheel. The reinforced steel drop outs offer a wide range of adjustment and long service life even during a hard competition schedule.


In order to get those decisive meters ahead of your pursuers, an aerodynamically optimized chassis offers exactly the advantages, which can make the difference between winning and losing. It's all about striking a balance between the decisive parameters of stiffness, lightweight construction, comfort and aerodynamics.


The slide can be adjusted horizontally within a range of 50mm and allows you to optimize your bike to fit in with your preferences. In addition, the bike's streamlined design delivers optimum aerodynamics.


Looks great and makes you faster: the Canyon carbon aero fork has everything demanding track riders need. It is stiff and minimizes wind resistance with its aerodynamic tubing.