Mar 24, 2022

CLLCTV SESSIONS: come hang out with us!

Mar 24, 2022

The CLLCTV Sessions tour is coming to trails near you. Find out where you can shred with us this summer.

CLLCTV SESSIONS: come hang out with us! Join us for the CLLCTV Sessions tour

There's no two ways about it: testing out new bikes is awesome! Whether you want to try out a few options before deciding which new MTB is best, or you want to find out just how big a gap you can jump on a DH bike, how fast you can ride a XC rig, or simply seeing how much fun E-MTBs really are, we've got good news.

We'll have all that and more at our CLLCTV Sessions and you're invited!

CLLCTV SESSIONS: come hang out with us!

What are CLLCTV Sessions? What happens there?

We're rounding up riders and hitting the road for a CLLCTV tour. Get together, meet new people and find new friends in a welcoming environment bursting with positivity and great riding. Share your passion and learn from others.

Ride. Chill. Repeat.

There'll be fist bumps, high fives, thrills and spills. Gather round as we light the camp fire and encourage everyone to share the stoke. We'll be sharing experiences, our dream rides and all the tech know-how you can shake a stick at.

Come for the riding, stay for the beer.

CLLCTV SESSIONS: come hang out with us!

Which bikes can you test?

We're bringing our collection of MTBs including E-MTBs.

From cross-country to downhill and everything in between, you can push the limits of the bikes on the berms, drop-offs and sweet singletrack.

CLLCTV SESSIONS: come hang out with us!

What's happening on site?

We're bringing the brains behind the bikes to offer you expert bike setup on the day as well as advice if you're in the market for a new bike. Should your bike suffer a dreaded mechanical on the day, we've got your back. Our mechanics will be on hand to get your wheels turning on the trails once again.

If all that wasn't enough, we'll have awesome giveaways to enter, CLLCTV merch for you to buy and free flowing coffee, beer and other refreshments.

Stay around after hours for parties, signing sessions with your favourite riders and movie nights 🤙

Event dates

CLLCTV Sessions Finale Ligure
08/04/22 - 10/04/22
We're taking over the iconic enduro trails of Finale Ligure complete with shuttle services for riders testing our Canyon MTBs and E-MTBs. We'll even have a top secret, unreleased bike to try out. Pre-register at the link below if you're interested. Want to test our other bikes? Just rock up as usual and let us know what you want to take out.

Bikes to test: Spectral, Spectral 125, Torque, Spectral:ON
Special guests: Loris Revelli
Extra fun: Secret bike test rides, shuttle service

CLLCTV Sessions Bike Festival Riva
29/04/22 - 01/05/22
The whole European mountain bike scene meets for the big season opener at Lake Garda. For three days, everything revolves around MTB, E-MTB, product testing, partying and much more.

Bikes to test: Lux Trail, Spectral 125, Spectral, Strive, Spectral:ON, Neuron:ON
Special guests: Fabien Barel & CLLCTV Pirelli Team

Bike Festival Riva
CLLCTV Sessions Dirt Masters Winterberg
26/05/22 - 29/05/22
The biggest Gravity Festival in Europe returns to Winterberg for the fifteenth year and delivers four days of action and excitement with an outstanding line-up.

Bikes to test: Stitched, Spectral 125, Spectral, Strive, Torque, Sender, Spectral:ON
Special guests: Gabriel Wibmer
Extra fun: Bike raffle, signing session & bike ride with Gabriel Wibmer

Dirt Masters Winterberg
CLLCTV Sessions Crankworx Innsbruck
15/06/22 - 19/06/22
The only European stop on the Crankworx World Tour kicks off the season’s battles, including the King and Queen of Crankworx and the Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship.

Bikes to test: Spectral 125, Spectral, Strive, Torque, Sender, Neuron:ON, Spectral:ON
Special guests: TBC

CWX Innsbruck
CLLCTV Sessions Glemmride Bike Festival
07/07/22 - 10/07/22
The GlemmRide goes into the sixth round from 7th - 10th July 2022. The Bike Eldorado Saalbach Hinterglemm will then once again be the venue for the legendary bike festival with slopestyle, downhill, expo and plenty more action.

Bikes to test: Stitched, Spectral, Strive, Torque, Sender, Neuron:ON, Spectral:ON
Special guests: TBC

Glemmride Bike Festival
CLLCTV Sessions Ard Rock
29/07/22 - 31/07/22
As the UK’s premier mountain bike event, Ard Rock Enduro takes in gnarly, rock-strewn terrain only rideable at the event. Ard Rock includes an exhibition, music, camping, a pump track, food stands and a fully licensed bar.

Bikes to test: TBC
Special guests: TBC

Ard Rock
CLLCTV Sessions Crankworx Whistler
05/08/22 - 14/08/22
While the festival has gone international, each year the global mountain bike community comes home to Crankworx Whistler for the ultimate celebration of mountain bikes. The original. The biggest. The heart of it all.

Bikes to test: Spectral, Strive, Torque, Sender
Special guests: TBC

CWX Whistler
CLLCTV Sessions Roc d'Azur
05/10/22 - 09/10/22
The Cote d'Azur is calling. No matter whether you're a pro, amateur, novice, adult, child, cross-country rider, endurance cyclist or gravel enthusiast – it’s fun for everyone.

Bikes to test: Exceed, Lux Trail, Spectral 125, Neuron, Neuron:ON, Grizl, Grail
Special guests: TBC

Roc d'Azur

CLLCTV Sessions FAQs

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