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Cyclocross Bikes

Lap after lap of charging through mud, jumping over barriers and hammering each corner – that’s the essence of cyclocross. On these bikes, you can test your limits, and push far beyond them.

Cyclocross Bikes


The 2021 World Championship winning bike. Cyclocross perfection.

It's never let me down in a race

Mathieu van der Poel
Cyclocross Bikes
Pro build / premium carbon

Inflite CF SLX

The 2021 UCI cyclocross World Championship winning bike. Built for the highest levels of racing.

A superlight 940 g frame features world-class stiffness thanks to advanced carbon.

Carbon wheels slice through mud, electronic shifting for ultimate precision.

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I know I have an advantage

Ceylin Alvarado
Cyclocross Bikes
Race build / carbon

Inflite CF SL

World-Championship winning design. Agile, fast and precise, built for the most demancing cyclocross courses.

Featuring a 1060 g carbon frame, performance enhancing geometry and a host of design features tested at the highest levels of competition.

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Train to win

Cyclocross Bikes
Inflite 5
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Inflite 5
1.599,00 €

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