Save with JobRad bike leasing

Lease your new Canyon and save up to 40%

Lease your new Canyon and save up to 40%
Take advantage of tax free savings now. Choose any Canyon bike or e-bike, add the approved gear and accessories you need, then apply. Check out the calculator to see what works for you.
What is leasing?

JobRad saves you up to 40% of the retail price of your chosen bike and approved accessories. Payments are taken monthly from your salary before tax so you end up paying less for your bike. JobRad is perfect whether you’re self-employed or employed. Some employers allow you to order multiple bikes for others in your household. Check with them before ordering.

You can choose any Canyon bike, including e-bikes, and pair it with a number of approved accessories to create the perfect package. All the approved accessories are shown below. Be sure to stick to the approved amounts or your order may be rejected.

Some employers choose to limit the maximum you can spend, please check with them before applying. Remember to add the cost of the bikeguard and shipping to your order. To use JobRad you must be a German resident or an employee of a German company.

What are the benefits of JobRad?
  • One fixed monthly payment for 36 months
  • Tax free savings up to 40%
  • At the end of the contract, you can buy, quit or choose a new bike
  • Available to employees and self employed workers
  • Insurance cover included and optional service packages
How to order with JobRad - Employees
  • Step 1 - Choose your Canyon and approved accessories, then select JobRad as the payment method. We’ll send you an order confirmation.
  • Step 2 - Set up a meinJobRad account and upload your order. You may need to speak to your HR department to create an account.
  • Step 3 - Once approved, your new bike and gear are shipped.
How to order with JobRad - Self employed
  • Step 1 - Check you have insurance to cover your JobRad bike and accessories.
  • Step 2 - Choose your Canyon and approved accessories, then select JobRad as the payment method. Remember to check the number of accessories you have ordered. Your order needs to be a minimum of € 1.495,00.
  • Step 3 - Register on the Jobrad portal for self employed workers and submit your order confirmation.
  • Step 4 - Once you’re approved, you’ll be sent a leasing contract to sign and return.
  • Step 5 - JobRad will ask you to confirm your delivery address. Once confirmed, your new bike and gear are shipped.

Approved gear and accessories

To avoid having your JobRad application rejected, stick to these quantities.

  • Maximum of 2 - lights, mudguards, fenders and bottle cages
  • Maximum of 1 - pedals, bells and locks with a price over 49 €
  • 87 items
  • Shimano PD-EH500 Pedals
    69,95 €
  • Canyon Sideloader Bottle Cage
    14,95 €
  • Canyon MTB Performance Flat Pedals
    • Color: Black
    • Color: Silver
    99,95 €
  • Shimano PD-R8000 Ultegra SPD-SL Pedals
  • Canyon MTB Nylon Flat Pedals
    59,95 €
  • Canyon Sideloader Carbon Bottle Cage
  • Canyon Grail:ON / Grizl Fender Set
    • New Stock
  • Crankbrothers Stamp 7 Pedals
    129,95 €
  • Shimano 105 PD-R7000 Pedals
    119,95 €
  • Shimano SPD PD-M8100 Deore XT Pedals
    99,95 €
  • Abus Bordo Granit 6500K/90 + SH Folding Lock
  • Shimano XT PD-T8000 Pedals
    89,95 €
  • Shimano XTR PD-M9100 Pedal
    139,95 €
  • Abus Bordo Lite 6055C/85 Lock
    74,95 €
  • Shimano Dura-Ace PD-R9100 Pedals
    199,95 €
  • Look Carbon Kéo 2 Max Pedals
    95,95 €
  • Abus Goose 6206K/110 Chain Lock
    79,95 €
  • Abus Bordo Light Mini 6055/60 Lock
  • Canyon Spectral:ON Sideloader Bottle Cage
  • Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic Pedals
  • Look Kéo 2 Max Pedals
    79,95 €
  • Canyon Bike Bell 22.2mm
    • Color: Black
    19,95 €
  • Canyon Mud Guard
    • Color: Black
    11,95 €
  • Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SL Pedals
    47,95 €

JobRad FAQs

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