Sep 2, 2020

Canyon's collaboration with the Rapha Women's 100

Sep 2, 2020

The Rapha Women's 100 is a celebration of the rising demographic that constitutes women's cycling.

Canyon's collaboration with the Rapha Women's 100 The Rapha Women's 100 //

The Rapha Women's 100

September 6th is the day the women's cycling community will join up and ride 100 km in unison. It's an event sure to create lasting memories, new friendships, and boundless inspiration in the quest to conquer a collective goal. And to mark the occasion at Canyon, we've released a limited-edition of our Endurace road bike.

For the past eight years, Rapha has encouraged riders to get together with friends to ride 100 km as part of the Women's 100. Despite 2020 being the year of lockdowns and social distancing, this year's edition represents a rallying call to the female cycling community around the world.

The event promises to unite women from the global cycling community. Thanks to the wonders of modern tech and the interconnected features provided by Zwift and Strava, the Rapha Women's 100 is sure to be a hit regardless of external circumstances.

The Invisible Peloton

Standing together has never been more important than in 2020. As COVID-19 tested our collective resolve, many of us spent the early months training alone indoors.

The Rapha Women's 100 presents women's cycling with the unifying call to the road. And to do so, the campaign is fronted by one of the heroes of women's endurance cycling Emily Chappell.

With some seemingly set to ride the event indoors, Emily shared one of the many tactics that keep her riding when times get tough, the Invisible Peloton. The idea of the Invisible Peloton is a reliance on the unwavering support of women from around the world.

By reflecting on the qualities of the woman who inspire her, their mental fortitude and their strengths, Emily harnesses the technique to keep the pedals turning when times get tough. Although many women may ride the Rapha 100 alone this year, thanks to the #InvisiblePeloton, they're never truly alone.

Rapha Women's 100 // Video: Rapha Films

How This Year's Rapha Women's 100 Will Be Different

The Rapha Women's 100 traditionally involved a series of group rides covering 100 km. But with the clear and present danger that is the coronavirus, things may work a little differently this year.

The beauty of modern cycling lies in its adoption of technology. The rise of indoor riding, coupled with the interconnected delights that apps like Strava and Zwift provide, mean that anyone who wants to participate still can, regardless of outdoor riding restrictions.

The Rapha 100 on Zwift and Strava

As the big day approaches, Rapha will be organising group training rides with Ella Harris of Canyon//SRAM and Justin Williams of EF Pro Cycling to help riders hone their form and meet others before the big day.

If restrictions prevent some from riding outdoors, then fear not, the Rapha 100 will also be on Strava, with exact details provided nearer the time.

Stay Inspired

To help inspire you for the big event, a specially-designed kit collection is now available consisting of short-sleeved jerseys, bib shorts, road caps, and socks. With intricate designs that match the custom colours of our Endurance bike, it'll set the tone for what should be an epic day out. We hope to see you there on September 6th!

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