Excellent ergonomics, impressive grip and a perfect fit- our glove collection provides the comfort and control you need for every ride.

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  • Canyon//SRAM Racing Aero Cycling Gloves
    • New Stock
    30,95 €
  • Signature Pro Winter Gloves
    • New Stock
    70,95 €
  • Canyon Neoprene Cycling Gloves
    60,95 €
  • Canyon Cycling Gloves Winter Lobster
  • Canyon Cycling Gloves Spring/Autumn
    • Color: Black
    • Color: Orange
    • Color: Red
    40,95 €
  • Canyon MTB Gloves
    • Color: Black
    • Color: Grey
    35,95 €
  • Canyon Road Cycling Gloves
    • Color: Black
    • Color: Grey
    30,95 €
  • Canyon Gel Cycling Gloves
    • Color: Black
    • Color: Grey
    25,95 €

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