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From Vancouver to Val di Sole, Mark Wallace has proven he has what it takes.

At only 26 years old, it's hard to believe Mark has been part of the pro mountain bike scene since way back in 2013. Vancouver Island born and bred, you’ll find Mark training hard on his local mountain, Mt. Prevost, during the off season. When it comes time to start racing, Mark's smooth style and insane technical ability, particularly in the wet, make him one of the world's fastest racers. Already winning several Canadian National Championship titles and achieving multiple podiums on the world's biggest stage, Mark 'The Shark' is just getting started.

178 cm
What's your warm-up routine before a race?
Some reaction drills, upper body movement and engagement then about 20 minutes on a trainer with some intervals.
How do you remain calm before a race or hitting a big feature?
I go through the feature or run in my head until it feels more comfortable.
What's the dumbest way you've injured yourself?
I broke my wrist in a collision at the pump track!
What’s your favourite training ride?
Anything with good dirt and a couple of views.
Mark Wallace
What’s your favourite race track or place to ride - and why?
I really like Val di Sole, it's a tough one and definitely scary at times but it's one I always look forward to.
What do you think the future of mountain biking looks like?
Besides the natural progression of bikes and ability, I think it's going to be a lot more common and hopefully more accessible!
What are your tips for coming back from injury?
Do what you can to heal as fast as possible but be careful about getting back on the bike too early and making things worse.

Val di Sole is scary at times!

Training in the gym or training on the bike?
Definitely both!
Mud or dust?
Roots or Rocks?
27.5" or 29er?
What scares you?
Val di Sole!
Roots are Mark's favourite feature on MTB races.
Would you rather have old school geometry with modern suspension or old school suspension and modern geometry?
Modern geo with old school suspension: at least the bike would feel comfortable and I think with old school geo you wouldn't be able to get much out of new school suspension.
Would you rather come first with a run you weren’t happy with or come second knowing you left everything on the course?
First with a run I wasn't happy with because then you could look forward to putting together a better run the next race.
If you had to pick one other CLLCTV rider to room with for a week, who would you choose?
Jakob Jewett.
If your life was a movie, who would you want to play you?
Jackie Chan.
Goals for 2021:
Podium a world cup!

Mark Wallace's Sender CFR

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What's your race bike setup?

Fork pressure: 135 psi
Fork tokens: 4
Fork rebound clicks: 7
Fork compression clicks: 4
Shock spring weight/pressure: 425 LBS/inch
Shock rebound clicks: 7
Shock compression clicks: 5
Tyre pressure: 24 psi / 26 psi


  • 4th - UCI MTB World Cup 2021

    Leogang, Austria

  • 5th - UCI MTB World Cup 2021

    Les Gets, France

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