Road Disc by Canyon

Here's how we make the difference

At Canyon, we’re not afraid to take the time to do things the right way. When it came to creating a complete range of disc brake-equipped road bikes, we weren’t going to cut any corners, we wanted to nail it. That’s why with every one of our new Ultimate, Aeroad and Endurace disc models, you get unparalleled Canyon riding performance enhanced by levels of control only disc brakes can provide.

Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect, and how we make the difference.


Disc brakes aren’t about having more braking power, they’re about having more control. Control in the form of improved braking modulation, to be precise. More control means less effort to maintain more speed. The better you can brake, the better you will ride.


Rim brake callipers restrict maximum tyre size, so what if you take them out of the equation entirely? The ability to run wider tyres through extra clearance enhances comfort, grip, and reduces rolling resistance, factors that all riders benefit from. Having no brake track also eradicates rim wear and opens new rim profile possibilities for those seeking out an aero edge.


When tested back-to-back in the wind tunnel, an Ultimate with disc brakes only gives away 1.5% to our rim brake version in terms of rider power required to maintain 45 km/h. Sure, the difference is there, but it’s marginal. Unless you’re a multiple TT World Champion, you probably won’t even notice it. A host of other performance gains makes up for any aero loss.


To deal with increased braking forces you need to add more material, which raises frameset weight to the tune of about 70 grams. Extra hardware from the brakes and wheels also tip the scales a little higher, but none of this means you can’t end up with a system weight that will toe the line with any superlight climbing machine. We’re talking grams, not kilograms.


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A stiffer and more stable connection between wheels and frame means better handling for the rider. Front and rear 12 mm through axles guarantee this.

2C Armour


Flush-fitting Flat Mount callipers conform to the established industry standard meaning you won’t have problems exchanging parts to meet your needs.

Cable Cushion


With the exception of 2XS frame sizes, our entire range comes equipped with 160 mm rotors, front and rear, for optimal power and braking modulation.

Sender Fender


Excessive heat build-up and high braking forces compromise frameset performance. This is why we reinforce the construction and layup on the non-drive side to handle everything disc brakes can throw its way.