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Aeroad CF

Breakaway bike, trailblazer and WorldTour legionnaire all in one

RoadBike Testsieger

Outstanding - Test victory

Ready for the classics

Canyon's jewel in the crown

Le Cycle

Simply number one

Superb acceleration, outstanding aerodynamics and impressive handling – these are the winning features of the Aeroad CF, which helped Joaquim "Purito" Rodríguez achieve a podium finish in the Tour de France 2013. The Aeroad CF is one of the most successful racing bikes in the pro peloton – delivering first place in the UCI world rankings in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and many race and stage wins in prestigious events like the Flèche Wallone, the Giro d`Italia and the Vuelta a España. In 2014, too, the aero racer is set to continue its success story as the team bike of Team Katusha, our World Tour team. The world class carbon fibre frame and the Aeroblade SL carbon fibre fork deliver outstanding stiffness and aerodynamics.

One innovative highlight of the aero fork is the patented, adjustable "Rake Shift". The rake can be adjusted by up to 5 mm by simply rotating inserts in the dropouts. This changes the ride of the Aeroad CF from sporty and agile to balanced and stable. More comfort plus better performance and higher speeds – you can adjust your riding position to your particular needs with the adaptable Canyon VCLS seat post. The oval VCLS aero seat post contains carbon and basalt fibres, combining an aerodynamic shape with supreme comfort and perfect adjustment. The conical head tube reduces the frontal area, making the aero bike even more streamlined along with the concealed cables.


Aeroad CF 9.0 TEAM € 5,499

Aeroad CF 9.0 SL € 3,799

Aeroad CF 9.0 € 3,699

Aeroad CF 9.0 CH € 3,699

Aeroad CF 8.0 SL € 3,099

Aeroad CF 7.0 Di2 € 2,899

Aeroad CF 7.0 € 2,399

Aeroad CF 7.0 CH € 2,399

Aeroad CF Frameset me. € 1,399

Aeroad CF Frameset el. € 1,399


The Aeroad CF can be individually adjusted to meet your preferences. Do you prefer an agile ride or do you like the bike to stay right on track? You no longer have to adapt to your bike – it will adapt to you!


The best of both worlds: an aerodynamically optimized leading line and tangible comfort. Basalt fibers make it all possible. These fibers damp significantly better than carbon fibers and are therefore ideal for components where comfort is also a crucial factor alongside stiffness.


We have constructed a tapered headtube for the Aeroad CF suitable for a fork shaft with a diameter of 1 1/4 inches at the bottom and 1 1/8 inches in the area which is clamped to the stem. A small frontal surface area and high levels of stiffness – this is where the front of the Aeroad CF really scores high.

Aeroblade SL Carbon Fork

Aerodynamic, light, stiff comfortable – the development aims which we had with the Aeroblade SL carbon fork were quickly established. The realisation of those aims was, however, somewhat more complex. We were able to unite opposites, and got the best out of individual areas to construct the brand new Aeroblade SL carbon fork. The ingenious thing about it is that special basalt fibres guarantee vertical comfort and have already proven this in the Canyon VCLS Aero Post, where they achieved significant gains in comfort. Load bearing optimisation of laid carbon fibres is responsible for lateral stiffness. This then allows for the best possible transfer of power, and for rough shocks and vibrations to be absorbed when the fork is subjected to peak loads. The design of the fork is a perfect compromise between aerodynamics and lightness because it is one of the aerodynamic highlights of the Aeroad CF and is at the same time a real featherweight.