Step-through Electric Bikes

Step-through Electric Bikes

A low-entry e-bike frame offers easy getting on and off, a high level of safety and urban mobility. Discover enormous riding comfort with Canyon step-through electric bikes.

  • 6 items
    • Color: Stone Grey
    • Color: Tundra Green
    • Color: Outback Orange
    Magura MT30 hydraulic disc brake, Enviolo shifting, Gates belt
    3.999 €
    4.399 €
    You save 400 €
    or from 69,39 €/Mo.
    • Color: Stone Grey
    • Color: Outback Orange
    • Color: Tundra Green
    Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake, Shimano CUES U6000
    2.999 €
    3.399 €
    You save 400 €
    or from 52,04 €/Mo.
    • Color: Moon Silver
    • Color: Light Yellow
    • Color: Brick
    Bosch Performance Line, Shimano Nexus 5
    3.499 €
    or from 60,71 €/Mo.
  • Pedals done right

    Pedals done right

    • Color: Stone Grey
    • Color: Tundra Green
    • Color: Outback Orange
    Magura MT C hydraulic disc brake, ABS, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    4.499 €
    4.999 €
    You save 500 €
    or from 78,07 €/Mo.
    • Color: Anchor Grey
    • Color: Champagne
    Bosch Performance Line CX, HUB ENVI HD 32H 10x135 40T SOLID AXLE bk
    3.699 €
    4.999 €
    You save 1.300 €
    or from 64,18 €/Mo.
    • Color: Stone Grey
    • Color: Tundra Green
    • Color: Outback Orange
    Magura MT30 hydraulic disc brake, Shimano Deore M6100
    3.799 €
    or from 65,92 €/Mo.

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Step-through e-bike – What is it?

The main feature of a step-through e-bike is undoubtedly the frame shape. The classic near-horizontal top tube on a classic bike is replaced with a steeper tube running from the head tube to the bottom bracket. It’s this frame shape that enables low step-through, eliminating the need to throw one leg over the top tube. Being able to comfortably mount and dismount the step-through electric bike is an obvious design advantage.

What are the advantages of a step-through e-bike?

A step-through e-bike offers the rider numerous advantages, which we have summarised below:

  • Getting on the bike is much easier with a step-through e-bike, as you do not need to lift your leg over the top tube.
  • The step-through design of an electric bike is particularly beneficial for older people, and those with impaired mobility.
  • Spontaneous stops at obstacles or traffic lights are effortless because both legs can reach the ground within seconds.
  • Step-through e-bikes now have a unisex image and are suitable for both women and men.
  • E-bikes with a low step-in have a very comfortable and upright seating position due to their special frame shape. As a rider, you sit much more comfortably than you might on a mountain bike or road bike.
  • Step-through e-bikes are sometimes equipped with a light system and a luggage rack, so riding at dusk and carrying shopping, for example, is no problem.
  • The upright seating position of these bikes allows for a more comfortable seating position meaning better posture, therefore easier on the back and joints.
  • The step-through frame provides an extra element of safety, ensuring self-confidence in urban mobility.

Is a step-through frame only suitable for women?

The historical view that men should ride a bike with a traditional top tube and that women should ride a step-through is a thing of the past. Step-through e-bikes are perfectly suitable for both men and women.

The numerous advantages of a step-through bike are clear to see, and frame choice is no longer influenced by outdated gender stereotypes. The step-through frame provides a world of possibility to anyone with impaired mobility, or for those who simply prefer a more comfortable seating position when riding a bike.

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