Feb 5, 2021 Canyon.com
Feb 5, 2021 Canyon.com

5 Reasons To Get An Electric Downhill Bike

E-MTBs are gaining traction in the world of mountain biking but when it comes to downhill and gravity riding, how can they give you a much-needed boost?

5 Reasons To Get An Electric Downhill Bike The Torque:ON is designed to go hard

Open up bigger descents—no shuttle or lift required

A lot of downhill riding relies on someone drawing the short straw to give your mates a lift to the top so that you can access the best descents that are a pain to pedal to on your garden-variety gravity bike. With an electric gravity-style bike, everyone can enjoy an easier ride to the top without anyone being stuck driving the shuttle van. Bikes like the Torque:ON, with its powerful Shimano EP8 motor, open up tons of opportunities for you and your riding buddies to tackle big, technical descents, no matter where you live. Some trail centres, for example, don’t have chairlift support, which means getting in your laps often requires a long slog to the top and only a couple of runs before you’re hankering for absolutely anything other than another long pedal back up.

More speed, more time, more laps

Have you ever reached the bottom of the trail and thought, “I wish we could go again before sunset”? Well, now you might just get that extra run in thanks to a boost on the ascent. Similarly, you’ll be able to get more out of power hour at lunch time or after work. We know time is precious and electric mountain bikes are the perfect tool for getting more bang for your buck when you’re out on the trails.

>The ace up the sleeve is the Torque:ON’s dual battery option, which gives you twice the fun with a simple pit stop to switch batteries. Either take it with you in your backpack or leave it in the car to pick up after you’ve finished a few laps.

Thrillseekers unite: drops, gaps and jumps are on the menu! Thrillseekers unite: drops, gaps and jumps are on the menu!

Boost your confidence

E-bikes offer you the chance to ride with people fitter or more technically capable than you, which means you learn all the secrets to becoming a better rider. Along the same lines, clawing your way back from an injury isn’t without its struggles, but a good e-MTB can help you get your endorphin hit and a return to fitness with a solid boost on the climbs.

Totally blown away by how well this thing tracks. It does really well in the rough, chunky sections.

Kaos Seagrave - CLLCTV

Shred the trails

E-MTBs have a lower centre of gravity giving them more stability at higher speeds. You’ll feel this particularly on rough terrain as the bike moves beneath you. The Torque:ON is made for the gnarliest trails, and we want to challenge yourself at the same time as enjoying yourself. With 27.5” wheels as standard, there’s no limit to the amount of fun you can have out there and we’re stoked to see you push your limits.

>We’re passionate about leaving a playground for the next generation of mountain bikers, so if you’ve enjoyed your time on the trail and find yourself at a loose end one day, try volunteering at your local bike park or mountain bike club. A lot of work goes into preventing erosion on the trails (largely by volunteers), so find out if there’s a Dig Day happening near you and join in. Another easy way to give back to the places you love most is to do a quick litter pick. You’ll leave the trail better than you found it and the environment will thank you.

Challenge yourself on an electric gravity bike Challenge yourself on an electric gravity bike

Get some airtime

As well as making your mark on the trails and setting new PBs on your favourite tracks, we want you to get even more airtime than ever before. Long-travel suspension and a bulletproof frame means there’s not much that a bike like the Torque:ON isn’t up for. True gravity e-MTBs can help you progress your jumping game with their ability to get airborne, hit bigger drops, and clear gaps.

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