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If we could predict the future just by looking at hair colour, then the future of freeriding would be blonde.

Anyone not convinced by that assessment should look no further than what our three riders, Anton Thelander, Thomas Genon and Peter Henke, have already achieved in their careers to date. Together they form the Canyon Factory Freeride Team, new for 2014 and set to rock the freeriding world at the biggest contests around the globe. These guys bring their laid-back, fun-loving attitude to the scene, which is expressed through their riding: our boys make the most technical whips, flips and spins look as smooth and easy as a sipping a cool beverage on a sunny afternoon. Taking on the competition with the formidable combination of a Swede, a Belgian and a German, the Canyon Factory Freeride Team has all the talent, guts and determination needed to go right to the top. Need proof? Just take a look at their performances in last year’s FMB World Tour. Peter got on the podium at the Colorado Freeride Festival, Anton took the honours at both Red Bull Phenom at the X Games in Munich and the Martin Söderström Invitational in Uppsala, and Thomas ended up fourth in the overall standings of the FMB World Tour making his future ambitions crystal clear to the freeriding world.

Whether sessioning huge dirt jumps at Vienna Air King or taking on Mother Nature at Red Bull Rampage in Utah, the Canyon Factory Freeride Team will inject a big hit of style to the FMB World Tour this year. As for their bikes? The lads will light up contests with the new Canyon Stitched as well as the big-hitting Torque DHX for when things get a little more wild.

Bring it on boys, 2014 is going to be massive!

Thomas Genon

This boy connects podium performances like the lines of his favourite dirt jumps back home. He’s able to make his final runs look as easy as if he’s practising in the foam pit. Despite looking so chilled, he nails his tricks with pinpoint accuracy. Known on the scene as “La Frite”, Thomas originates from the Belgian flatlands, but you wouldn’t know that when you see the way he rides, proving he knows just how to handle the steep stuff by reaching the 2013 Red Bull Rampage finals. Thomas is definitely one of the hottest prospects to line up for the 2014 FMB World Tour.

Peter Henke

As the new kid on the freeride scene in 2013, Peter is the youngest member of the Canyon Factory Freeride Team. What started out with him messing about with his mates back when he was nine years old has now lead him to competing in the biggest events of the FMB World Tour. Throughout 2013, this German upstart took a liking to mixing it up with the best slopestylists in the business with several top-10 performances, even landing on the podium at the Colorado Freeride Festival with an incredible double backflip. This year Peter has all the FMB World Tour Events highlighted in his calendar, where you can be certain he’ll be turning on the style.


A new member of our family. The Stitched is the first bike in the brand new Canyon Dirt and Slopestyle Range. Since the beginning of 2013 Thomas and Anton have shown precisely what this bike can do by landing on the podium several times in international competition.

Anton Thelander

You’d guess that anyone who earns a nickname like “Cleanlander” would be pretty handy on two wheels. Anton Thelander is no exception as the Swede has shown time and again over the past couple of years. When he emerged on the scene back in 2011 at the Red Bull District Ride, expectations were already high. In 2013 he delivered on that promise by taking gold at Red Bull Phenom at the X Games in Munich and being crowned winner in front of his home crowd at the Martin Söderström Invitational in Uppsala. Anton “Cleanlander” will be eyeing up FMB World Tour podium in 2014.

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