Canyon LOAD FidLock QuickLoader Grail

100,95 €
Our new LOAD Midloader easily mounts into your frame triangle via the Fidlock system on the top tube. With size options to cater for every frame, the bag offers a unique integrated look.
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100,95 €
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Canyon LOAD FidLock QuickLoader Grail

Clean and integrated

Complimenting the clean lines of your Grail, this bag blends seamlessly with the frame, allowing you to carry all your ride essentials
Canyon LOAD FidLock QuickLoader Grail

Fidlock system

The Fidlock magnetic bolts are screwed directly into the screw points on the frame. This offers simple, intuitive and quick mounting
Canyon LOAD FidLock QuickLoader Grail

Perfect fit for every frame size

With options from 2XS-2XL, every frame size is catered for. This also provides a clean, more aero fit
Canyon LOAD FidLock QuickLoader Grail

Waterproof and dustproof

From dusty off-road rides to wet and muddy gravel epics, the waterproof and dustproof LOAD Midloader will keep your ride essentials clean and dry at all times

Popis výrobku

From bikepacking trips to after work off-road blasts, carrying your ride essentials has never been easier thanks to our new LOAD Fidlock Midloader bag. Mounting to your frame using the Grail’s screw mount interface on the top tube and Fidlock magnetic bolts, the waterproof and dustproof Midloader blends seamlessly with your frame.

PLEASE NOTE: The matching PowerMore cable is It's important to cover all contact points between the bag and the frame with a protective foil to prevent sand or dirt from causing scratches. You can find the suitable protective foil here:Canyon Gravel Protection Foil

Podrobnosti o produktu


  • Aero fit for every frame size
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Bag sizes, dimensions and weights:
  • If you also want to protect your frame, you can use the recommended protective foil

Obsah balení

  • 1x Installation tool for Fidlock Bolts
  • Clean integrated look
  • Fidlock magnetic clip system


  • Canyon


  • Voděodolný


  • 409 g


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