Save up to 40% with a Canyon JobRad!

To order the perfect bike for you through bicycle leasing, we currently work with JobRad, one of the leading bicycle leasing companies.

With JobRad, you can get a brand-new Canyon bike as a tax-deductible company bike, letting you save money.

The monthly instalments for your bike are simply deducted from your gross salary – without any upfront costs for you or your employer.

Canyon Jobrad

The JobRad calculator displays the savings you can make.

New JobRad-regulation from July 2021

Please note the permitted selection and quantity of leasable accessories. Incorrect or too many of the same items will result in the leasing application being rejected by JobRad:

maximum 2: lights, bottle cages, mudguards/ass saver, fenders
maximum 1: pedals, racks, grips, handpump, bell, chainring, crank, lock

Do I qualify for JobRad?
How do I order a Canyon JobRad?
JobRad Leasing, everything you need to know

JobRad Bestseller

Here are some of the bikes most purchased by customers who opted for JobRad.

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