The sole objective of the Speedmax CF is to carve through the air and put you at the top of the timing sheets. Maximum speed for minimum watts is what time trial enthusiasts at every level strive for. With our Trident tube profiles, vast adjustability and comprehensive integration of essential components, the Speedmax CF gives you a distinct advantage over the competition even before your start number is called. Nothing is left to chance. No parts are needlessly exposed to the wind. Every single element of this time trial bike is driven towards absolute aerodynamic efficiency.


Hidden away from the wind in the forks and chainstays for enhanced aero performance, the centre-pull design delivers outstanding modulation and power while also saving some 60 g over a conventional rim brake configuration.

teaser speedmax cockpit


The innovative design of the Speedmax CF cockpit ensures that minimal wires and brakes cables are exposed to the wind with only the connection to the Di2 junction box running outside to achieve an incredibly streamlined profile.

teaser speedmax sattelklemme


Designing the seatpost clamp into the top tube further reduces turbulence as air passes across the rear of the frame. A secure hold is guaranteed even at low torque levels so the seatpost never slips out of position as you ride.


We work together with the best athletes in the world across various disciplines to ensure that the bikes you ride are the best they can possibly be. Our pros provide us with in-depth feedback which flows directly into the development of our products. We believe that the results speak for themselves. Canyon bikes have emerged victorious in the world’s biggest races from Monuments, to Grand Tours, to the World Championships. Put simply, our bikes are built to win.