For a decade the Ultimate series has stood at the pinnacle of the Canyon road bike range. These framesets are meticulously designed to combine low weight and maximum stiffness with outstanding ride quality to create an unparalleled overall package. With our Sport Pro Geometry the rider can achieve the ideal position on the bike for optimum performance and comfort for hours in the saddle. Available in a wide range of carbon or aluminium models, these machines have been proven at the top level for years and are the ride of choice for pros and enthusiasts alike.

Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero



Combine a highly advanced frameset with the most desired groupset on the scene and a wheelset widely regarded to be the benchmark for all others to beat and this is what you get. The Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero leaves nothing to be desired on any front. Wireless SRAM Red eTap revolutionises the way you shift with flawless performance to back it up, while Zipp’s 404 NSW wheels are not just rapid in a straight line, they also offer outstanding stability in a range of conditions. This is the complete race bike.


Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero
teaser ultimate kurbel

52/36 chainsets

Compact or standard? 52/36 chainsets give you the advantages of both in one package!

teaser ultimate geokonzept


A balanced geometry for enthusiasts. The Sport Pro Geometry lays emphasis on performance while maintaining rider comfort.


This is the material that revolutionised bike design. Carbon opens up new opportunities when it comes to creating intricate designs yet also possesses exceptional strength-to-weight properties. The possibilities are endless, making it the perfect match for our high performance machines.


Our state-of-the-art aluminium frames are constructed from lightweight 6000 aluminium, which is not only easy to work with but also stiff and resistant to corrosion. That’s what gives these frames their durability and long-lasting performance.

Ultimate AL SLX Frameset Mechanical



When developing the Ultimate AL SLX frameset the same aims applied as with every Ultimate model we create: uniting class-leading stiffness-to-weight with unparalleled ride quality. Beyond optimising tube profiles across the frame, full-carbon One One Four SLX forks and our S23 VCLS CF seatpost kill road buzz for all-day comfort. The result is a lightweight aluminium frameset that challenges all conventions of modern performance road bike design.


Ultimate AL SLX Frameset Mechanical


We work together with the best athletes in the world across various disciplines to ensure that the bikes you ride are the best they can possibly be. Our pros provide us with in-depth feedback which flows directly into the development of our products. We believe that the results speak for themselves. Canyon bikes have emerged victorious in the world’s biggest races from Monuments, to Grand Tours, to the World Championships. Put simply, our bikes are built to win.

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