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Projekt S5
The Super-Light Freerider 
\nwith 180 Millimeters of travel Heavily blocked tracks with steep opposing climbs, slippery surfaces, loose debris, obstacles, steep ramps, descents with a gradient of well over 70 percent and loop-like hairpin bends, where even the coordination between the front and rear wheel is extremely limited. These most difficult trails can be summarised with just one expression: S5. That stands for difficulty level 5, which is the most difficult and hardly negotiable terrain. Such terrain demands everything of both bike and rider.

Canyon shows once again with the project S5 just what the company believes to be the future of biking. Canyon is for the first time publishing a mountainbike study. The study shows just where it can all lead, shaking off the shackles of convention because conventions just hold us back. With a great deal of effort the people at Canyon have created a unique bike for the conquest of the most remote trails which can be pedalled uphill like a touring bike. The Project S5 thus mutates into a super enduro. It was the aim of the developers to achieve the best possible downhill performance whilst still maintaining an acceptable weight levels. The core of the 11.95 kg superenduro is the frame which has been optimised again on the basis of the new Torque. The most striking characteristic of the touring version of the series frame is the reworked milled parts: Rockerarm, damper mount and the drop outs are elaborately copy-milled and therefore weigh less, but deliver equal performance.

In addition, the damper rocker is surface-hardened to improve resistance to scratching. The developers have also discovered room for improvement in the frame tubing and have therefore optimised the frame for the area of operation. This has allowed considerable weight savings whilst still maintaining the capability of the bike to operate in rough terrain, which is necessary for a 180 millimetre bike. Last but not least, the project bike is equipped with a Syntace X12 compatible carbon thru-axle, which was manufactured solely for this purpose, because the devil is, as so often the case, in the details. If one here really invests the time and energy and scrutinises every little part very carefully, one can ultimately keep the overall weight as low as possible..

Prototypes and innovative parts

There is also innovation in fork design. From the thru-axle to the head tube. In a close cooperation Rock Shox and Canyon have developed a solution to fully meet the aims of the project: 180 millimetres of travel and a unique level of performance, which holds the front wheel firmly on the ground on difficult trails and downhill passages, but at the same time soaks up rock steps or roots with unimaginable ease. And all this at a weight of just 2200 grammes - a captivating achievement for a 180 mm fork. The damper also delivers a performance hitherto unknown: Despite its minimal weight the shock works as sensitively as many a steel spring models would. The only bitter pill is that there is as yet no official sales launch date for the two prototype spring elements.

Brand spanking new DT Swiss EXC 1550 wheels keep the rotating mass as low as possible. It is particularly on the rims where a lot of weight can be saved, because the progress in carbon technology has not failed to reach wheels, and the rim of the new DT Swiss is therefore made of the black wonder fibre. Nevertheless, they still offer the accustomed long operating life and the necessary durability for off-road operation so typical of all DT Swiss products. With the 1550 g wheels, the Swiss have brought out a real gem for the 2010 model range, and one which represents a real alternative for all enduro and freeriders. The new Onza Ibex tyres with a width of 2.25 inches offer superb grip on rocks and blocked trails.

Individually coordinated components from innovative manufacturers

On the brakes the product managers have succeeded in combining the best of stability, braking power and control. Formula R1 carbon levers with a Formula "The One" brake calliper at the front and an R1 calliper on the rear wheel stop the S5 with a titan -like grip and the sensitivity of a seismograph, and these are all important prerequisites for being able to master the never ending trail. The brake system is also more than a match for long, rapid descents in the high Alps with its 200 millimetre disc at the front and a 180 millimetre light aluminium spider on the rear wheel. The 20 millimetre greater diameter on the front wheel guarantees even better performance, while the 180 millimetres on the rear wheel -provided you employ the right technique - also provides adequate braking performance on freeride tours. However, if you really want to push the S5 to its limit, then correct braking techniques should be just second nature to you. Titanium bolts on the levers and discs drive the weight down a few grammes more and add a final refinement to these superb anchors.

The drive of the Project S5 represents a further highlight. The Clavicula crank set, which was originally developed for cross-country riders, scores highly with its brute-like stiffness and unbridled smooth running. Two super-light chain rings in a 20/32 combination make up and downhills equally easy to ride. It's above all the 20-tooth ring in combination with the 34-sprocket which allows to rider to take steep ramps. The 32-tooth chain ring allows the rider to press harder on the pedals on the downhill and above all when accelerating out of tight hairpin bends. The Canyon designers have engineered an aluminium coating for this crank set, so that it can withstand the challenges of everyday singletrail tours. The protective "stocking" on the crank guarantees effective protection from scratching thanks to the special surface hardening. All this allows an untarnished appearance of this premium bike. If the rider should encounter high steps or logs on the downhill, then the CNC-milled bashguard - which is also surface hardened - reliably protects you from losing your teeth.

The project S5 is the first time Canyon will be presenting a project mountainbike. In high alpine terrain long carrying passages as well as tricky trails are all part of everyday life, and the Project S5 has all the prerequisites necessary to master these trails regardless whether up or downhill.

Rock Shox Prototype Rear Shock

Torque 2010 light frame

Clavicula-Crank with Bashguard

Carbon thru axle

Super light Canyon seat clamp

Rock Shox Prototype Fork

Frame: Torque 2010 light 2.930g
Fork: Rock Shox Prototyp Studie 180 mm
Rear shock: Rock Shox Prototyp Studie 76,2 mm Hub
Headset: Acros Ai 03 106g
Front wheel: DT EXC 1550 650g
Front hub: Canyon Light-Axle 20mm 55g
Rear wheel: DT EXC 1550 850g
Rear hub: Canyon Light-Axle Carbon 12mm 36g
Tyres: Onza Ibex FR 2.25 1.390g
Tubes: Schwalbe XX light 190g
Crank: THM Clavicula MTB 175mm 440g
Chain: KMC X9SL 243,5g
Chainring: Mountain-Goat/XTR 20/32 63g
Bashguard: Canyon light BG 48g
Handlebar: Syntace Vector Carbon 170g
Stem: Syntace Force 109 ti 109g
Grips: Canyon short 50g
Front brakes: Formula THE ONE 203 Carbon/Alu/Titan 354g
Rear brakes: Formula R1 180 Carbon/Alu/Titan 276g
Front derailleur: Shimano XTR 130g
Rear derailleur: SRAM X.O 192g
Shift levers: SRAM X.O 224g
Sprocket: Recon 11-34 Aluminium 148g
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio 125g
Seatpost: Easton EC90 SP Zero 190g
Saddle clamp: Canyon Special Seat Clamp 35g
Derailleur cable: Nokon 70,5g
Crank arm guards: Canyon 60g
Total weight incl. lubricants: 11.945g