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Strive AL

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Fun. Action. Freedom. The Strive AL series provides the ultimate in Enduro riding thrills. Perfect for trail-loving enthusiasts who ride for hours on end and committed racers alike. That’s why the Canyon Factory Enduro Team rides the Strive AL to take on the events of the Enduro World Series. The way it masters technical descents gets the adrenaline pumping so you’re ready to tackle the following climb full gas and go again. One of the highlights of its unique hydro-formed frame is the lightweight and rigid 270° Box, providing excellent kinematics and superb anti-squat performance, making it ideal for Enduro riders.

Combine this with needle bearings on the damper bushings and the result is a highly responsive rear triangle that absorbs even the biggest shocks with ease. Our “Trail-Optimized Geometry” with its low centre of gravity, narrow steering angle and short chainstays enable the Strive AL to remain extremely stable at speed while staying frisky and agile through tight corners and over jumps. To top it off, the adjustable RockShox Reverb Stealth Vario seatpost is fitted as standard to all models. With 125mm of infinitely adjustable drop and internal cabling, it vastly increases rider manoeuvrability to round out the perfect Enduro package.


Strive AL 9.0 Team € 3,599

Strive AL 8.0 Race € 2,799

Strive AL 8.0 CH € 2,499

Strive AL 8.0 € 2,499

Strive AL 7.0 € 2,199


After 14 reforming phases we achieve the desired design of the Strive frame. A hot mix of water and oil is forced through the initially round tube shapes. The tube is positioned in the mould, whose shape it is later to assume. The internal pressure causes the tube to nestle into the mould, thereby achieving the unmistakeable frame appearance of the Strive.

270° BOX

The light and stiff 270° BOX generates an optimised response curve to meet the needs of the most demanding enduro riders. The BOX initially allows for a linear response curve, thereby guaranteeing a responsive ride. The curve becomes gradually more progressive towards the end and helps prevent suspension bottom out in extremely blocked terrain and on jumps. The short rocker arms provide the necessary stiffness. In addition, we have also succeeded in keeping the entire BOX as light as possible without in any way compromising stiffness. The 270° BOX also allows the bike's centre of gravity to be positioned even lower. This makes the bike significantly more agile.

180mm Postmount

The newly developed rear triangles with Postmount deliver stiffness on the drive-train side and on the left a great deal of braking torque stabilization. That is exactly what a modern rear triangle with disc brakes needs.


They look great, save weight and are easy to replace: The internally routed cables from Canyon. The cross-over routing inside the frame ensures that the cables don't rattle inside the tube even when they are not under tension.