Nerve MR 9.0

Bike 04/2009

The challenge: To build a marathon bike for a price ranging from 2000 to 2400 Euro. The candidate: Canyon Nerve MR 9.0. The result: Bike tip race

Bike, Europe's best read mountain bike magazine, invited manufacturers to a marathon test. Sixteen full suspension bikes with suspension travel ranging from 100 to 120 millimetres had to show what they are capable of in both theory and practice. The first breakaway was on the scales. The Canyon Nerve MR 9.0 weighed in at 800 grammes less than its closest rival, and was therefore the only bike which was under the 11 kilo mark. All the other candidates fought over one kilogramme, but were still way behind the racing machine from Koblenz. The heaviest bike weighed even 1.8 kilogrammes more than the Canyon

That's not the only thing which impressed the testers who expressed the opinion, „Any ambitious rider who is looking for a very light fully with perfect suspension and premium equipment can simply not ignore the Canyon." The newly developed chassis with Anti-Squat-Kinematic is also of an extremely high standard. The ideal combination of luff suppression and minimal pedal rebound made no slip-ups and was one of the best in the overall test.

In the important marathon discipline of uphill the experts from Bike magazine made a very positive assessment of the bike saying, „The Nerve rides up even the steepest of hills and works efficiently and responsively when the pedal platform is switched off." This is confirmed when one takes just a glance at the points table: No other bike except the Canyon got more than 60 of the possible 70 points. The Canyon Nerve MR 9.0 therefore got a Bike-Tip Race, and was the only bike that got the test evaluation "Super".

Uncompromising, twinkle-toed racing machine you can really get moving with. Premium equipment and suspension.

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