Sender CF


Draw the line

Canyon really have hit the nail on the head with the Sender's geometry by offering solid numbers in reach and BB height, coupled with adjustability in wheelbase and head angle. Not to mention a stack height figure which increases with each size to keep taller riders and those with a sizable ape index happy. The question begs to be answered - is this the blueprint for modern DH bike geometry? I think it's pretty damn close and with a reach-adjust headset in the works from Canyon, fine tuning the 'fit' of the Sender should allow many riders who frequently find themselves between sizes the option to fine tune reach in the desired direction. All of the above resonates Canyon's understanding of dynamic ergonomics when it comes to bike design.

After a few runs and at the point where you're getting a feel for things, another trait of the Sender became abundantly clear.

They say silence is golden and so is the Sender - even for a carbon bike. As the day progressed, so did the trails and as things got decidedly steeper and wilder from the get-go. And as ante upped with the trails we encountered, so did the Sender's persona, delivering confidence in spades. Run after run and the Sender didn't skip a beat.

It's fast, it's light and it's packed with more tech than you shake a stick at and away from that, you just need to look at it. It's a great looking bike and if you don't like the blue and black, well, there's options there too.

The Sender is packed with ingenious innovations.