Jan 10, 2024 Grace Lambert-Smith
Jan 10, 2024 Grace Lambert-Smith

Harmonic Riff: CANYON//SRAM Racing’s 2024 kit revealed

McKenzie Sampson is well known for designing cycling kit but his latest challenge paved the way for a creation like no other.

Harmonic Riff: CANYON//SRAM Racing’s 2024 kit revealed
It’s race day. Whether it’s carbon clattering over the cobbles, a puncture pivoting a team’s priorities or a solo attack on the tarmac, it looks anything but harmonious out there.
CANYON//SRAM Racing ignites the Women’s World Tour peloton by helping teammates to victory and hindering rivals with the same desires.
The riders jostle their determination and ambitions with the will of those lining up next to them. What sets them apart is they’re doing in style, too.
Enter the loudest 2024 kit in the women’s peloton.
Harmonic Riff: CANYON//SRAM Racing’s 2024 kit revealed

Harmonic Riff

“It’s a constant energy of chords and progressions that draw and hold our attention,” says designer McKenzie Sampson. “It’s all about the ebbs and flows that provide a framework for a song and allowing jumping off points, whether it’s breaks, leads or solos. It’s really built around that consistent harmonic flow.”
Just like your favourite song, the peloton is lit up by breaks and solos. Crescendos punctuate the races. The season reflects the journey you take when listening to an album: the opening riff, the short interludes, the slow and steady, meditative melodies alongside the ballads. Then the loud anthem of a win.
“Bringing that same level of energy to the design was a big part of it,” adds McKenzie.
Harmonic Riff: CANYON//SRAM Racing’s 2024 kit revealed

Engineered with energy

Working closely with Ultan Coyle who designed the previous CANYON//SRAM Racing jerseys, McKenzie continued the theme of energy.
“The kit started out with a space and galactic theme which then evolved into a superhero design. This superpower energy is almost built into the textures and colour and different fades. Last year, the kit was built around the idea of high pressure systems as seen in the atmosphere. So, you have these really unique kind of like infographic-esque storm systems showcased on the kit.”
The striking colours and patterns symbolise our collective strength and diversity.
Zoe Bäckstedt – European U23 Cyclocross and Time Trial Champion
Harmonic Riff: CANYON//SRAM Racing’s 2024 kit revealed
McKenzie’s aim was to take elements of the previous iterations and bring them into a new life.
“There are undulating waves creating a cool, vibrant movement in the design. Then you also have this frequency graph, too. I wanted this jersey to have a kind of flow throughout it. The elements wrap around the body and frame the logos perfectly. We’ve layered the design to create depth and result is this harmonious flow.”
Coupled with the artistic blend of the original colour palette of purple to blue, red to orange and into green, the jersey clothes the most energetic team in the peloton.
Harmonic Riff: CANYON//SRAM Racing’s 2024 kit revealed

The soundtrack of the season

We experience the soundwaves of the season whether we’re at the roadside or watching from home. We feel their energy as it unfolds.
Now, we’ll be able to see their energy, too. The team will sport this new, vibrant design in their upcoming road, cyclocross and gravel races around the world.
Make some noise and become the team’s biggest fan by wearing the same kit as them. Available for men and women.

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