Neuron 7 WMN

The flagship alloy Neuron. Get the ultimate mix of comfort, long-distance efficiency, trail-ready geometry, and alloy toughness. With female-specific contact points for max comfort.
  • Weight: 13.42 kg
  • Material: Aluminium (AL)
  • Neuron 7 WMN
    Color: Peak Blues
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Attention: It is not always possible to show all signs of wear. You should expect other scratches, paint damage and/or signs of use.
Pricing is adjusted according to the wear class (light, medium or heavy signs of use).
Product only available to members. Register .

Neuron 7 WMN details

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Bike classification

This category also covers the requirements of categories 1-2. In addition it includes use on harsher, unpaved terrain. The scope for these bikes includes occasional jumps up to a maximum height of 60 cm. Jumps of this scale can cause inexperienced riders to have accidents on landing, which can result in injury. Hardtail mountain bikes and full-suspension bikes with short travel are included in this category.


Subject to technical modification without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

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