This is the complete trail-taming tool. Our Spectral line unites the all-roundedness of the Nerve and the big-hitting full suspension enduro performance of the Strive. With two frame options, 130 mm (29”) or 140 mm (27.5”), and a choice of aluminium or superlight carbon the Spectral is equipped to make easy work of rugged terrain. Compact chainstays will have you whipping the back end around the tightest switchbacks while incredible pedalling efficiency means you can spin to the top of any climb. All-mountain and all-action, the Spectral delivers the biggest kicks on the trails.


This is the material that revolutionised bike design. Carbon opens up new opportunities when it comes to creating intricate designs yet also possesses exceptional strength-to-weight properties. The possibilities are endless, making it the perfect match for our high performance machines.


Our state-of-the-art aluminium frames are constructed from lightweight 6000 aluminium, which is not only easy to work with but also stiff and resistant to corrosion. That’s what gives these frames their durability and long-lasting performance.


27.5" or 650B, this is an evolution of the classic 26" wheel size. The advantages of 27.5" wheels are better tracking, rollover performance and traction compared to their 26" predecessors with more manoeuvrability and agility on the trail compared to 29ers. Think of it as the best of both worlds!


29" wheels dominate XC and marathon disciplines thanks to their efficiency but also feature on longer travel bikes. The larger size allows them to roll over obstacles and carry more speed. Handling is also super stable while the bigger tyre contact patch gives 29ers incredible traction and grip.