It’s rare that anything able to scramble up slopes this easily can rip so hard on the way back down. Thanks to Shapeshifter, the Strive makes the impossible possible - it is the ultimate enduro bike. The revolutionary on-the-fly system provides two distinctly different settings for geometry, suspension kinematics and travel. As a result, the Strive climbs with absolute efficiency in XC mode and bombs down the rowdiest descents in DH mode. That’s why it’s the ride of choice for the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. Give every trail a new dimension!

teaser strive shapeshifter


This groundbreaking system in mountain bike design effectively gives you two bikes in one at all times, all you have to do is flick the remote. More ground clearance plus steeper head and seat tube angles for absolute climbing efficiency in XC mode. Flatter angles and a lower bottom bracket for stability when shredding at speed in DH mode. It's that simple. It's that effective.

teaser strive racegeometrie


Having the right geometry is crucial for enduro, which is why we offer the Strive in two options to suit all riding styles. Our Race Geometry has a proportionally longer reach in relation to stack so you get a longer front center for extra stability when taking on high speed descents. Handling agility is not compromised thanks to a short stem so you still get fast and direct steering responses.


Strive for the Podium. That was the mission statement of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team as they set out to compete in the Enduro World Series for the first time back in 2013. That was the aim and that’s exactly what they did. Now in its third season, the Canyon Factory Enduro Team is one of the biggest players on the international racing scene.