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Grand Canyon CF 8.0
"Canyon never ceases to amaze us"

O2 Bikers 05/10 (model 2010)

  • Perfect engineering
  • Perfect handling
  • Superb price/weight/performance

Comfort 4/5 points Areas of use 5/5 points Steering 4/5 points Stability4/5 points

Canyon succeeds in surprising us time and time again. Let’s take the new Grand Canyon CF 8.0 for instance, which weighs in at less than 9.5kg and costs just 2499€. Are there other arguments as well as these figures that would make it even more difficult for the rivals of this bike? The current trend in hardtail MTBs is towards carbon frames which on the one hand transfer the rider’s power into forward thrust thanks to lateral stiffness but on the other hand offer somewhat more comfort thanks to the greater vertical flexibility. With this new frame everything was geared towards making certain areas of the frame stiffer and others more comfortable. A stable design was chosen for the head tube (now with 1,5 inch standard) and an innovative headset bearing was fitted to effectively prevent the top tube being damaged by an impact with the handlebar in a crash. A really clever idea! The upper part of the frame is very well constructed and copes admirably with vibrations from the ground with the help of the seat stay and the special Canyon/Ritchey VCLS Seat Post. But the best is that Canyon offers these products at a price that other companies only offer very dubious products for. The basic model in the CF range costing just 2499€ has everything that one needs in the XC and marathon disciplines i.e. the Rockshox SID Team fork, Formula R1 brakes, DT 1650 wheels , SRAM X-0 shift system and much more… The mountain goat. The CF 8.0 has an exceptional seating position and nevertheless invites the rider to launch an attack. You can fly around on this bike like sitting on a rocket. Of course, we’ve ridden livelier bikes, but we’d have had to shell out 2-3 times more money and even then we wouldn’t have such light wheels. The DT 1650 wheels are simply perfect and give a pleasant feel to the ride and are superb wheels for this price category. This Canyon is tailor-made for competition use. In the bottom bracket area it is very stiff and is also a great climber and the front wheel stays firmly on the ground. The bike has a fair measure of comfort and we have no qualms about recommending it for rides of longer than 3 hours. When riding downhill one can select the ideal line of descent thanks to the precise steering and one has the constant feeling the bike needs to be tamed.

Canyon is one of the manufacturers who has realised that comfort is an important factor in improving bike performance. The Grand Canyon CF has shown once again that this manufacturer produces superbly developed bikes.

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