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Ultimate CF SLX Disc 8.0 Stiff, agile and smooth, with braking to match.

BikeRadar, 01/17

It rewards hard sprinting efforts with an immediate turn of speed and once you point it downhill you’ll find sharp steering and a planted, confident feel that begs to be pushed harder.

Aeroad CF SLX Disc Highly anticipated

Road.cc, 01.17

Arguably one of the most highly anticipated new bikes of 2017.

Speedmax CF SLX Bullet train quick, 10/10

Cycling Weekly, 01.17

The performance and value is outstanding, the specification is intelligent and to top it off, the designers innovate by incorporating novel details and clever features that enhance the overall design.

Ultimate CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2 Impressive

Cycling Weekly, 12.16

No parts are crying out for an upgrade and it would be a challenge to find a similar package for the same price.

Speedmax CF SLX 9.0 4.5/5 stars, 95%

220Triathlon, 12.16

The biggest challenge might be holding yourself back on a bike that just wants to go so fast.

Endurace CF SLX Disc 9.0 4.5/5 stars

Road.cc, 01.17

Wonderfully smooth and comfortable endurance disc road bike with plenty of pace on tap when you want it.

Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Stunning performance

Road.cc, 01.17

Stunning performance from a bike that balances stiffness and comfort, and stability and excitement.

Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 Bike of the Year 2017

Cycling Weekly

The Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 is a bike that ticks all the boxes you will want from your next bike.

Endurace CF SLX 8.0 Stunning

Road Cycling UK

A stunning endurance bike from Canyon: lightweight, responsive, comfortable - the Endurace has it all.

Endurace CF SLX 9.0 SL 9/10


Wonderfully smooth and comfortable endurance disc road bike with plenty of pace on tap when you want it.

Ultimate CF SLX Aero Certainly lives up to the hype!

New Zealand Road Cyclist, 03.16

This bike would be suited to riders who want a capable but comfortable race bike, offering versatility as a combine aero, climbing and sprinting machine. Also suitable for all-day adventures due to it's supreme comfort.

Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 SL An aero race bike that plays hard to get


People should know about these bikes, they're that good!

Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 LTD Score: 9 points out of 10

Cycling Weekly, 03.09.15

The Canyon Ultimate is bags of fun and, provided you're willing to put in the effort, makes you faster!

Ultimate CF SL 9.0 Best in test: 8.4 points out of 10

Bikes Etc, Issue 10

As an internet retailer, Canyon has a reputation for producing great value bikes and the Ultimate CF SL 9.0 is no exception.

Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 LTD Overall Winner

Tour, 02/2015

The Aeroad CF SLX achieves both aerodynamic performance with best-in.class comfort.That's what makes it our overall winner.

Aeroad CF SLX "Exceptional"


Deeply appealing aero bike with stunning speed, looks and impressive value for money

Aeroad CF SLX 7.0 Di2 9/10

Cycling Weekly

9/10 - We only had the pleasure of a few weeks with ours, but we most definitely didn’t want to send it back.

Endurace CF 9.0 SL 9/10


Brilliant mid-point between race and sportive bikes at an amazing price.

Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 The best we've ever tested

Outdoor Fitness Magazine,June.

Riding all day? No problem. Racing? The SLX is straining at the leash. If you’re at all interested in speed, responsiveness, lightness and stiffness, you’ll want one of these.

Ultimate CF SL 9.0 AERO 5 out of 5.

Cycling Plus

Despite its race-bike credentials the Canyon is remarkably comfortable, with slender stays offering just enough ‘give’ to make the Ultimate CF SL well suited to sportives as well as racing.

Ultimate CF SL 9.0 SL More affordable version of RoadCycling UK's 2013 bike of the year.

RCUK - March 2014

Excellent value, weight & spec for the price. No corners cut.

Roadlite AL 6.0 Best bike for under €1000.

Tour, 04.2014

For the price, this bike comes very well equipped and with very few points of weakness. For that reason it ranks no.1 in the sub €1000 category.

Ultimate CF SLX 7.0 Test Winner - Best Overall Score

Tour, 04.2014

A carbon frame of the very highest quality with a spec that leaves nothing to be desired. What's more it absorbs vibrations like nothing else.

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL 4.5/5.0

Cycling Plus

If you want a race-ready bike for not much cash this grand Canyon will take some beating. The best choice for when you want to fight your way to the front. 4.5/5.0

Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL Test Winner - Outstanding

RoadBIKE, 03.2014

The best aluminium frame we've ever tested is comfortable enough for long rides and provides for competitive riders after rapid acceleration and direct handling. The lightweight spec further boosts the whole package. A dream bike for a great price.