Strive CF 9.0 Race Outstanding Review

MBR, 08/2014

The cat’s out of the bag, and it’s damn near purr-fect.

Nerve AL 7.0 4.5 out of 5 stars.

MBUK, Summer

The Canyon is an easy bike to warm to, competent at everything you’re likely to throw at it on a big day out on the trails. It’s a very good trail bike at a price that’ll be hard to beat.

Grand Canyon AL 5.9W Test Winner - Women's Hardtail of the Year

MBR June 2014

The Grand Canyon AL oozes quality. The neat and stylish graphics and well-finished frame, the high-spec drivetrain, the good-quality fork and the overall light weight make this an allround great bike, which is just as happy going up as it is coming down.

Lux CF 7.9 Test Winner

MountainBIKE, 06/14

The lightweight Lux CF provides a great foundation for a racing full susser and a highly capable trail bike. With its wide-ranging capability, Canyon takes the win.

Spectral AL 9.9 EX Excellent Review

All in all, this is a very well thought out, high-end machine for a great price. […] The components on the 9.9 EX are second-to-none.

Spectral AL 9.0 EX 3rd / 4.5 out of 5

What Mountain Bike

Stunning value for a 'ticks every box' trail slayer. I had to check the price on Canyon's Spectral at least 5 times to believe it wasn't kidding on the cost.

Canyon Nerve AL 9.0 bike TIPP - Test Winner

bike, 05.2014

The Nerve AL 9.0 doesn’t just look great in reality and on paper with its top-level spec – it rides superbly as well. It sets the benchmark in this category.

Grand Canyon CF SL 6.9 4 out of 5.

Cycling Plus

The Canyon is the real deal. It's a bike that feels instantly familiar and urges you to spend mere time on dirt.

Spectral AL 8.0 Test Winner - Outstanding

MountainBIKE, 03/14

CONCLUSION: An absolute riot! The lightest and most fun all-mountain bike on test. Potent downhill and lightfooted going up. Both on paper and in practise, there can only be one winner, the Spectral AL 8.0

Torque EX Gapstar 4 out of 5 stars - Test Winner

What Mountain Bike

The Canyon proves to be the ultimate all rounder, with an excellent rear shock for supreme descending... yet the best climbing performance of the lot. It's tough, versatile and a worthy winner.

Spectral AL 9.0 SL


I really rated the new Spectral and it’s definitely my favourite Canyon of the ones I’ve ridden so far.

Lux CF 9.9 Excellent value and great fun.


WE LOVE: Super-fast and light ride with huge potential for speed over all terrain. <br> WE HATE: You won’t be able to blame the bike for marathon racing hurting so much.

Nerve AL 7.9 4.5 out of 5 stars

Bike Radar

The sub-13kg weight is very impressive for a big-wheeler at this price too, and the whole thing keeps the Nerve encouragingly responsive whether you're spinning upwards or launching yourself out of corners on a singletrack play session.

Nerve AL 8.0 Test winner – 116.25 points

BIKE 08/13

VERDICT: "Well balanced sport tourer with a great suspension. You won't get more performance for just 1999 Euro than with the Canyon Nerve AL 8.0."

Grand Canyon AL 7.9 Magnificent, light, performing and cheaper, Canyon stands out.

Bike N°125

"On pictures, the two bikes are at the same level, but the trough is that the Canyon has an important advantage. Very compact and stiff, the Grand Canyon is now and still, made for speed."

Nerve AL 9.9 Very good – 122 points – BIKE-Tip

BIKE 06/2013

VERDICT: Two of the three testers gave the Nerve AL 9.9 the best marks in the test. The Nerve AL 9.9 is ideally suited to touring and offers the best value-for-money overall in the test. Clear BIKE tip!

Nerve AL+ 7.0 Outstanding - Test victory

MountainBIKE 06/13

VERDICT: With is top range of equipment, well balanced geometry and responsive suspension the lightweight all-rounder from Canyon scooped the test victory with flying colours.

Torque FRX Rockzone Bike of the Month/Test Winner

MBUK, 05/2013

The Canyon offers value for money in a package that isn’t even closely-fought. The Torque is light and equipped with suspension that tops most people’s wishlists, as well as an all-round spec worthy of a bike twice the price.

Yellowstone AL 6.9 Test winner – outstanding

MountainBIKE 05/13

Verdict: The Yellowstone AL 6.9 will please on winding, flowing routes and delivers perfectly balanced and controllable handling thanks to the central seating position.Thanks to the large wheels the bike copes well with even the most difficult passes.

Grand Canyon AL 6.0 Test victory – outstanding

MountainBIKE 05/13

Verdict: Super equipment and super light to boot - the Grand Canyon AL 6.0 offers you more for your money. The bike whizzes uphill in true race hardtail style and scoops the test victory in the 26" category with flying colours.

Strive AL 9.0 SL Excellent critique

Bikesport 5-6/13

Verdict: The Strive AL 9.0 SL hits the trails with superb equipment and demonstrates its responsiveness and great agility. Therefore it is also great for lighter touring use. Only when it is ridden to the limit does the bike require a skilled hand.

Grand Canyon CF SLX 8.9 Test victory

World of MTB 05/13

Verdict: Canyon has raised the bar extremely high with the Grand Canyon CF SLX 29 extremely high. Hitherto unseen innovations on the frameset should be an incentive for other manufacturers to try even harder.

Nerve AL 9.9 SL Outstanding - test victory

MountainBike, 04/13

Verdict: A dream debut! The Nerve displays the character of a nippy and sturdy trail bandit whilst at the same time being a lightweight that's suitable for marathons.

Nerve CF 8.0 Outstanding - Test winner

MountainBike, 04/13

Verdict: The versatile Nerve CF 8.0 impresses with a lightweight carbon frame, well thought out equipment and an efficient suspension.

Grand Canyon CF SLX 8.9 20/20 (1st time in the history of the magazine).

Velo Tout Terrain N°172

No matter what the terrain or the ride intensity, the Grand Canyon CF SLX is in a word the best performing bike in the test!