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Stitched 360

Dirt, 10.17

For the price the Stitched 360 Pro is bang on, well specified and striking in looks. If you don’t want to fork out the top model there’s always the lower gunned model too.

Grand Canyon WMN AL 5.9

Total Women's Cycling, 10.17

Overall, I think this is an ideal bike for those of you who are looking for a little more off-road adventure in your riding.

Spectral CF 8.0 EX - 5 Stars

Off-Road.cc, 10.10

At this money, the Spectral CF really is the trail bike to beat.

Exceed CF SL 7.9 Di2

Singletrack, 10.17

Sure its responsive and efficient, but it’s also hella comfortable for a hardtail

Neuron AL 9.9

Singletrack, 09.17

It’s a great bike for covering lots of ground

Spectral AL 6.0 EX

Enduro-MTB, 29

The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 EX deserves its reputation. Nimble, assertive, and damn good fun, the Spectral packs a punch that defies its budget price tag.

Neuron AL 9.9

IMB, Issue 49

The build quality and attention to detail is, as ever, apparent and you’ll certainly have smiles for miles if you add this bike to your stable!

Sender CF 7.0 - 83/100

Men's Health

A bike with the potential to take you to the top of the podium.

Grand Canyon AL 24" - Stunner


Overall, the Grand Canyon is a stunner, it impressed both myself and Molly from the off and continues to surprise and please every time we ride. Since having it, rides have got longer and the quality and confidence has sky rocketed.

Neuron AL 7.9 - Quality componentry at a really competitive price.

Cycle Tech Review

As well as providing an all-round quality ride the Neuron Al 7.9 is packed with quality componentry at a really competitive price.

Grand Canyon AL 4.9

MBR, June

The Grand Canyon is easily the best-specced bike on test, as well as the lightest.

Lux CF 6.9 Pro Race - 8/10

MBR, 05/17

Canyon has a knack for building great bikes, and they can be difficult to fault. The LUX delivers a full suspension platform able to provide the extra squish needed for harder courses without compromising effort.

Spectral CF 8.0 EX - 5 Stars

Bike Radar, April

I simply can’t think of a better example of a modern, state-of-the-art trail bike — certainly not one at such an excellent value price, within a killer overall range.

Spectral WMN AL 8.0 EX - 5 Stars

Bike Radar, April

A capable, fun, confident trail bike that verges towards the enduro end of the spectrum. Quite frankly, this bike is awesome.

Sender CF 8.0 - Every detail has been carefully considered


It looks good, rides well and offers some great kit for the money. What more do you want?

Spectral CF 8.0 EX - Trail Bike of the Year

BikeRadar, 04.17

The same lightweight agility makes it a blast to hustle through any trails, and we simply can't think of a better example of a modern, state of the art trail bike - certainly not one at such an excellent value price, within a killer overall range.

Spectral WMN AL 8.0 EX - Women's Trail Bike of the Year

Bike Radar, April

It's a hell of a ride, our test panel loved it, and I do, too

Spectral CF 8.0 EX - Trail Bike of the Year

Bike Radar, April

The best of the rest

Sender - It's incredibly hard to pick faults with the Sender.

Pinkbike, 04/2017

Canyon has simply sent the ball out of the park. This machine combines the best value, ride, sizing and build kit on the market; it only seems to have one competitor from the other German direct sale brand.

Strive AL 5.0 Race - 4 Stars

Bike Radar, March

The Strive’s ability to smooth the trail and carry speed continues to impress us

Sender CF 9.0 - DIRT100


The detailing, the sizing, the geometry, the silence, the price. Canyon have really pulled out a class bike here that sets it apart.

Exceed CF SLX 9.9 Pro Race

Singletrack Magazine, 01.17

It’s the kind of bike that leaves you with few excuses on the start line, and it just goads you to go faster and faster on every ride.

Grand Canyon AL SLX 9.9 - 4.5 / 5 stars


A smooth yet scorching racer that doesn’t fear more rugged trails - this is an outstanding package!

Neuron AL 9.9 LTD

Enduro Magazine

The Canyon Nerve AL is a bike that will take you everywhere thanks to its great riding position, high quality parts, and speedy genes.

Sender CF

Flow mountain bike

With the performance to turn the racetrack into a blank canvas, their creation, the Sender CF, raises the bar to deliver the ultimate downhill racing platform.