Grand Canyon AL 6.0


Cykel-Motion Denmark investigates what you can get for your money when testing the Grand Canyon AL 6.0

The Grand Canyon AL 6.0 is very well and creatively equipped – especially in view of this popular price range.
The frame is well designed with fine details. On the trail you immediately notice the low weight, and a frame which transmits every pedal stroke directly into propulsion and fast acceleration.
The bike is equipped with high-quality components, in particular the fork, and the tyres are some of the best from Schwalbe. The AL 6.0 is very agile and offers great handling characteristics – to put in a more modern way “it’s kicking ass”.

For just 8000 kr (999 EUR) you get a superb hardtail with high quality components. This bike just has to be placed in the ""Best Buy" category.