Nerve XC 9.0 SL

Vélo Tout Terrain, 03/10

Canyon gets on rival´s "Nerves", with its 11Kg and 5000 Euro worth of equipment." Vélo Tout Terrain points out the unbeatable ratio between equipment and price of the Canyon bike.

"The quality of the weld seams, the quality of the bushings of the rear triangle and the dropouts (...), make us proud to ride on this frame.
Even the handling of the seat clamp is fantastic! The rest of the components are top of the range, too: complete XTR drivetrain, DT Swiss 1450 wheels and premium FOX suspension (...). The Nerve XC immediately responds to every tap on the pedals".

This 120mm bike exceeds the limit for mid-ranged travel bikes: you can ride it not only on the plains, but can also flow down blocked trails thanks to the sturdy bike frame. The high performance of the tyres allows the wheels stick to the ground like glue.

"Canyon offers an unbeatable ratio between equipment and price. This Nerve XC 9.0 SL, with no compromises, proves that best".

Vélo Tout Terrain