Torque 8.0 Alpinist

Mountainbike 05/10

180 millimetres of travel on the rear triangle, 160 on the front - the perfect ingredients for a fully-fledged enduro, with which you can also master an Alpine cross.

"Watch it! This bike invites you to burn rubber", commented MTB-tester Thomas Schmitt after the first test round with the new Torque Alpinist. This is above all down to the rear triangle with its 180 millimetres of travel! This guarantees that the rear wheel stays firmly on the ground and also offers plenty of reserves on blocked terrain. On the front the Fox 36 guarantees a good level of comfort and, thanks to greater stiffness, also the required steering precision. The 20 millimetres less travel compared to the rear triangle can be felt but don't bother the rider at all after he has had a short time of becoming accustomed to the bike. Thanks to the not excessively long wheelbase and the superb brakes even the most winding trails can be easily overcome on the Canyon. The well thought out equipment with XT parts and Crossmax SX wheels creates an optimum mix of both stability and low weight. That's how it should be because a true alpinist must also be commanding on the climbs. With a total weight of 13.6 kg even long mountain stages can be easily overcome and the successful kinematic suppresses any hint of squat despite the greater amount of travel.

VERDICT: a top all-rounder that's suitable for touring and above all inspires on the downhill with its travel reserves.