Torque 8.0 Dropzone

Freeride 2/10

180 millimetres of travel promise great fun in the bikepark - Freeride magazine put the Torque through its paces.

"At first glance the 'Torque' seems to have took a wrong turn and found itself in the test of the 180 mm bikes instead of the super enduros. Canyon has focused on the platform principle and offers the Torque frame with four component ranges for four different areas of use. For freeride use the frame is equipped with a RockShox 'Totem', Mavic 'Deemax' wheels with downhill tyres and the ‚Hammerschmidt‘ crankset. Only the air shock is identical to the one on the enduro model. The long stroke fork makes the steering angle somewhat flatter but also raises the bottom bracket. Nevertheless, all the testers felt good when they sat on the bike - the 'Torque' just feels right. Thanks to the Anti-Squat Kinematic and the wide range of gear ratios the bike rides well uphill and on the downhill the handling is both nicely balanced and agile.