Aeroad CF 9.0 LTD


On the road with the aerodynamic Aeroad CF

Road bikes are getting lighter and lighter - but the UCI minimum weight of 6.8 kg hasn't yet fallen in line with this trend. Therefore the question arises how the grammes that have been saved can be invested wisely. One option is improved aerodynamics because this is something that can help you to be faster in races.

Triathlon magazine tested 7 aero road bikes and was very enthusiastic about the Aeroad CF. Even at the start of the test the testers realised that the shorter head tube and a seat post adjustment range of 2 centimetres […] in conjunction with a seat tube angle of 73.5° allow adjustment to achieve an aerodynamic position with a flat back. As far as the geometry is concerned the testers especially liked the Rake Shift, which was developed by Canyon. "The drop outs on the fork changed the steering characteristics so dramatically that one had the feeling that one was riding two completely different bikes. When less trail was selected the Aeroad performed like an agile road bike for use in criteriums and twisty road race circuits. The Shift Rakes could be changed in a minute and transformed the Canyon into a bike with smooth running similar to that of a time-trial bike".

The road surfaces often change on an extended tour. This is where the Aeroad CF can pick up even more points. "On cobbled sections the basalt seat post impressed with astonishingly high levels of comfort. Even the flat and straight fork blades offered a great deal of flex and sufficient lateral stiffness". In other words: the testers gave the Aeroad CF the maximum number of points for comfort.

However comfort alone does not win races - and the Aeroad CF has already demonstrated that it's more than capable of winning races because this bike has an enormously high level of bottom bracket stiffness. The testers noted the following in their report: "Unbendable: the stiff bottom bracket so typical of Canyon".

A successful overall package […] In addition, the Aeroad can be converted to a versatile triathlon bike with very little work. The revolutionary feature: The Shift Rakes. The simple solutions are often the best ones!