Grand Canyon AL 6.0

Bike 02/11

Can one expect premium quality for just 999 Euro? This is what you get from Canyon with the Grand Canyon AL 6.0. BIKE magazine has tested the bike and confirmed this.

The absolute bee's knees!

The market for 999 Euro bikes is booming and therefore demanded intensive research and a comparative test. In light of this MTB Magazine tested eight bikes in this fiercely competitive price category. In order to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff all the bikes in the test had to undergo a demanding test programme. Many of the bikes displayed weaknesses while others were able to show what they could do! Canyon demonstrated with its current Grand Canyon AL 6.0 that the direct distributor is moving in the right direction in 2011. The test result of 122 points and a final evaluation of "very good" also confirmed this.

The Grand Canyon was able to shine right across the board with a tried and tested frame, a clever combination of components and an outstanding weight. The testers heaped praise on the bike. "The 11.5 kg lightweight shows impressively how much fun a rider can have on a bike costing 1000 Euro. The benchmark was set by the most expensive (699 Euro), lightest (1610 grammes), most comfortable and premium frame in the test. Double butted head tube, Postmount adapter and internally routed cables make the black anodized aluminium frame stand out from the run-of-the-mill Asian products. The sporting and race oriented position allowed effective climbing on the ramps of our test circuit and the wide 680 mm cockpit and Rock Shox Reba-SL fork guarantee mega fun on the downhill. The 70 degree steering angle allows superb handling. Improved for this season: Instead of the SRAM-Shimano mix one now has a pedigree 30-speed SLX groupset and XT derailleur".

The Grand Canyon showed above all that a premium grade aluminium frame with equipment selected for the specific area of use resulted in the best overall package for the price. "Canyon sets itself apart from off-the-peg bikes with this premium frame and especially the cable routing". In the test lab the bike was really able to prove its worth. The testers tested geometry, stiffness levels and weights. The frame and wheels weighed in at 1610g and 4153g respectively and these dream weights meant that the two most important components on the bike were 60g below the best results achieved by the competition! Even the overall weight of 11,55kg was most impressive.
"A superb performance in the stiffness stakes. Canyon is way out in front with its premium frame!" The STW ratio demonstrated that the Grand Canyon was way in front of the competition with a ratio of 67.9! In the category CC-race the bike got the mark "very good" with an outstanding points score of 122/150. During the test the following categories were tested: Uphill (65.75/81); downhill (31.75/39); road test (97.5/120); miscellaneous (24.5/30).

Verdict: Premium frame, above-average bike that you can easily enter a race with.