Aeroad CF 9.0 Team

Tour, 02/11

More than just aerodynamics and stiffness. This is what best sums up the Aeroad CF.

What is so alluring about an aero road bike? Tour magazine put seven aero road bikes through their paces in the wind tunnel and on the road. Tour realised that they offer the best of both worlds if they are built well. Many people eagerly awaited the results of the tests in the wind tunnel and what they had previously expected was confirmed: all aero road bikes offer better aerodynamics than a comparable model built using a conventional design. What Tour also did was to standardise the most crucial factor in the testing process by placing a dummy on each aero bike in the same seating position. The outstretched geometry on the Canyon Aeroad CF allows the aerodynamics to be significantly improved. The opinion of Tour on the Aeroad CF's geometry was, "The outstretched position distinguishes the bike as a powerful racing machine".

The Canyon was able to set new trends in terms of design and technology. The testers wrote, "Canyon's Aeroad CF demonstrates a completely new mode of design". They also commented on the "sexy behind" of the Koblenz built racer. "The flat down tube, tapered head tube and the lowered seat stays represent a move away from previous seat stay designs towards the highest levels of stiffness and low weight".

The ride characteristics of a bike are every bit as important as an appealing appearance. Here the Canyon scores high right across the board because our engineers have placed a great deal of importance on ride characteristics. It was the aim to build an aero frame, which thanks to its aerodynamic design, can save the rider vital seconds. However, it is only possible to save time if the bike's ride characteristics are spot on. The testers were impressed and wrote, "The reassuring 89 Nm/° on the head set is something even heavier riders can cope with and the aero seat post cushions very well. Adjustable inlays in the fork drop outs allow the trail to be tuned between an agile 50 and a well balanced 60 millimetres". Or to express it in figures: Lateral stiffness of the fork 1.0. Power transmission: 1.0. Ride stability: 2.0. Frame comfort: 1.3.

The Canyon left the competition in its wake with a level of equipment that was by far the best of the bikes tested. "The equipment including the Campagnolo Super Record group set and Cosmic-Carbone wheels is almost unbeatable".

Class equipment, light, comfortable, unique.