Aeroad CF 9.0

Roadbike 03/2011

Aerodynamic design on a road bike. That doesn't just look good, it also makes you faster. Roadbike magazine put this idea to the test.

What is the discerning feature of a road bike? It's the ability to be able to unite opposites. This has obviously been achieved by the Canyon design team with the Aeroad CF 9.0. Roadbike magazine tested nine aero road bikes in its March edition. The key factor in achieving optimum aerodynamics is the rider's position on the bike. The testers noted, "Shorter head tubes [...] allow the rider to take up a lower and therefore aerodynamically better position on the bike. Canyon goes even one step further with 150mm long head tubes". "The rider's position on the bike is lower [...] more stretched out and with a fair amount of saddle to handlebar drop. It's clear that a great deal of consideration was given to the Omega Pharma-Lotto team's riders here". But that wasn't it. The magazine also went on to say, "The frame of the Aeroad CF was the only bike in the test field fitted with aero tubing throughout".

The fork is fitted with adjustable inlays and this allows the wheel base and trail to be adjusted. The Aeroad can therefore be ridden in the "comfort" or "sporty" modes and these innovative solutions on the bike were praised by the editors.

Aero road bikes are an outstanding option if one doesn't want to invest in a time-trial bike. "In the test only Canyon and Kestrel took time-trialing into consideration when designing their respective bikes. Both test bikes allow a wide range of adjustment on the seat post and thus a steep seat angle, which is required by time-trialists or triathletes" This was just one of many positive features which went in favour of the Canyon.

Sporty position, wide range of adjustment on the saddle, fork with adjustable drop-outs - the new Canyon will impress demanding pro riders as well as amateurs.