Ultimate CF SLX Frameset Evo

Tour 03/2011

Once a year thousands of roadbike fans eagerly await the big frame test conducted by Tour magazine. In 2011 Canyon took 1st place.

The bar has been raised extremely high for the Ultimate CF SLX. In the 2010 test the frame impressed with an overall mark of 1.7 but this year we have improved the frame once again with several details. This resulted in the dream mark of 1.4 - a mark that no frame had previously been able to achieve.

The secret of this success: The frame offers a balanced mix of stiffness, low weight and clean workmanship. However, there's more to this frame than just lightness and stiffness. Canyon has been at the forefront of using innovative technologies on its bikes for years and the establishment of the conical head tube on a massive scale is a prime example of this. The testers noted, "It is very evident that carbon forks have become even stiffer in the last few years. The reason for this is the trend towards using conical fork shafts, where the lower bearing is larger than the upper bearing. This was the case with 24 of the 26 framesets tested".

The testers above all praised the level of comfort. They commented, "Canyon now supplies its carbon frames with a seat post, which is a mix of carbon and basalt fibres. The Ultimate CF SLX frame in size 56 cm reaches the impressive comfort rate of 140 N/mm. That's the best result of the 26 frames in the mid-size range in the test".

The individual marks of the Ultimate CF SLX:

Weight of frameset: 1.7
Ride stability: 1.3
Lateral stiffness of fork: 1.0
Power transfer: 1.0
Frame comfort: 1.0
Fork comfort: 3.0
Impact resistance of paintwork: 1.0
Finish: 1.0
Instructions manual: 1.0
Guarantee: 1.0

The best-seller from Koblenz has never has been as good as it is in 2011. The carbon and basalt fibre seat post raises the level of comfort on the saddle to a new level.