Speedmax CF 9.0 PRO

Tour, 05/2011

A complete pro bike at the price of a frameset - the Canyon Speedmax CF 9.0 Pro impressed in the value-for-money category.

Time-trial machines have an important advantage. They help the rider save strength. The frame's ingenious aero-shapes and individual solutions on the equipment make this speed merchant stand out from the crowd. The magazine Tour tested 8 time-trial and triathlon bikes with a fine tooth comb.

The magazine explained that its test consists of three parts: the wind tunnel test in Dresden, the standard test in the TOUR lab and the road tests, during which every bike is ridden extensively by at least two testers. For the wind tunnel test the editors bolted a dummy to the saddle and measured the wind resistance at five upstream flow angles ranging from 0 to 20 degrees. All the bikes cut a fine figure in this area and were significantly better than a normal roadbike.

It's the ride characteristics that make all the difference. The Canyon Speedmax CF Pro 9.0 scores high "with decent levels of stiffness and a pro image. The frame is also ridden by the pros from Omega Pharma-Lotto." The testers also heaped praise on the appearance of the bike which won the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. "What is appealing is the unspectacular but tidy appearance. The head tube is extremely slim and tapered, the down tube has an extremely narrow cross section and all the cables are internally routed. In addition, the adjustment screws on the rear wheel are very easy to use." Form follows function - with the Speedmax this is of paramount importance. "The design of the seat post is exemplary with its ingenious clamping mechanism - why is that not always so simple?" The editors' question seems justified - the Canyon Speedmax CF 9.0 PRO doesn't pose any questions, but provides answers.

Top value-for-money; good performance in the wind tunnel […]