Grand Canyon AL 9.0

VéloToutTerrain, 156

10Kg MTB and a price less than 1800 Euros. The secret is the direct sales model adopted by the German based manufacturer.

Vélo Tout Terrains conducted a comparative test between the Grand Canyon AL 9.0 and the YT Industries Rod.

There was very little to choose between the two bikes. Same material, same geometry, almost the same price... It was no easy thing to decide on a winner.
On closer inspection, the quality of the Canyon frame is a notch higher with its internally routed cables and superbly finished tubes.
The components are pretty much the same; only the DT Swiss Fork of the Canyon gives the bike a premium appearance.

(...) The difference in performance between the two bikes is immediately noticeable. Although both bikes offer superb forward motion, the Rod is clearly more stiff. There is no movement around the BB, and the feeling of acceleration is more pronounced.

One can be for or against the choice of 2x10 or 3x10 speeds. The rider who wants to ride competitively will prefer the 2x10 and the leisure rider that likes hard climbs will have more reserves with the 3x10 and can thank Canyon for the 22x36 gear ratio.

The Canyon had its nose in front in the comfort stakes. Te bike copes better with small and medium range shocks, mainly due to the seat stays and the 27.2mm seat post.

It's amazing that these mountain bikes make us forget that the climbs are there at all. The ultra low weight is very helpful indeed on the climbs.

One needs a very good level of technical skill to go very fast, but the rider doesn't need to worry about letting go of the brake levers on the descents.The bikes are also well suited to long tours.

If the Grand Canyon AL 9.0 has its nose in front in this test, then it's mainly due to its better overall frame finish. (...)

Vélo Tout Terrain