Aeroad CF 9.0 TEAM

Le Cycle

“Philippe Gilbert’s 2011 season doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, the number of success is impressive.
His weapon? Canyon Aeroad CF! This winning machine, which mixes aerodynamic and innovative technology. Even its price is competitive.”

“The aerodynamic lines of Canyon’s Aeroad CF make it the ultimate bike for speed and great sensations. The bike that was used by the Omega Pharma-Lotto team rider is directly issued from the serial production (…)The frame is a monocoque type with no less than 3 different types of high module fibres, with different production specifications (…)Each part of the chassis has been analyzed with the rider to achieve the ultimate level of performance. The same applies to the geometry of the frame, which is rather straight and makes a valuable contribution to improved aerodynamics.

The engineers from Canyon were responsible for the design of the tubes. The aim was to build a bike as aerodynamic as possible (…) Features include the fork dropouts which are adjustable and give the bike greater stability or make it more agile as required by the rider.
The ergonomic qualities of this bike don’t need to be demonstrated on this top of the range bike (…) The cockpit comes from Ritchey with a 4 Axis stem and a round WCS classic handlebar, which is very stiff. (…)The saddle has been custom engineered specially for the Belgian rider, with a specific foam density (…) The VCLS seat post comprises basalt fibres which absorb more of the shocks from the road. The bike offers a superb riding position in terms of aerodynamics and comfort. The bottom bracket has been designed in accordance with the BB 86 norm.

The first few tours gave us confidence, as the stiffness is appreciable and is homogeneous just as it needs to be. The acceleration is superb and the bike performs well at high speeds(…) We then realized that at slow speeds it was the lower weight that offered an advantage helped by the low inertia of the Mavic carbon rims. The mountains are no problem at all for this bike.

Going downhill, the braking is perfect and easy enough for a beginner to use.”

“The price of 4999 Euros is high, but no so much when you check out the equipment and the fact that it is a professional bike.”

Le Cycle