Aeroad CF 9.0 TEAM

Planète cyclisme 40, 04.2012

The Aeroad CF 9.0 Team made its mark in the big 2011 classics under the leg power of Philippe Gilbert. The bike is also used by Katusha, our new professional team. Let’s see what this machine can do!

"What characterizes the Aeroad CF, is its aerodynamic dynamism. The multi-fiber carbon frame has been exclusively dedicated to the electronic Shimano groupset. Two small holes offer the electrical wires access to the frame from the headset down to the derailleurs. The lines are as pure as can be."

"The Aeroblade SL fork, which is made of a carbon fiber mixture, offers better stiffness, precision and great comfort. This fork also has smart geometry. The VCLS Aero Post offers a setting from 15 to 35mm. Just like the fork, the basalt fibers offer flexibility and comfort. The seat post clamp offers easy and powerful clamping. It's not just its stunning looks that will impress; the Aeroad CF will make you want to cycle longer thanks to its magnificent comfort."

"What we also noticed after a few seconds of cycling was the perfect ergonomics of the Shimano brake hoods and the perfect function of the electronic shift system."

"It is not only possible to ride at high speed with a feeling of safety, but you'll also enjoy the high levels of comfort this great bike has to offer. While we were riding this mega machine, we understood just how it must have helped Philippe Gilbert to become number one of the world and to be the man he was at the beginning of last season during the 2011 classics."

The Aeroad CF offers a wide range of choices and this is far from being the best advantage of this model. If you can see yourself riding this top bike, all you have to do is make your choice from your own settee.